5 Best Pickleball Paddle for a Two-Handed Backhand 

The best pickleball paddle for two handed backhand has to feel comfortable, balanced and ideally should have a longer handle.

Two handed backhand is becoming more popular in Pickleball as many well known players use this technique.  It is particularly useful if you are playing against a banger – that is a player that keeps sending the ball down to the baseline.

There is one main advantage for using a two handed backhand and that is the power it provides your shot.  However, you do have to be in the right position to execute this shot properly but get it right and you will wear down your opponent.

Here is a quick view of the paddles I recommend.  For a more detailed review, please continue reading…


Best Pickleball Paddle for a Two-Handed Backhand


How to play a Pickleball two handed backhand

To play this shot properly you need to have time to get into position.  Have your weight on your back foot and align your hips with the way you want the ball to travel.  For example, if you want the ball to go across court have your hips diagonal to the net.  If you want the ball to travel straight down the line then have your hips facing parallel to the side line.

Have your paddle at waist height and as you hit the ball transfer your weight to your front foot and follow through with your arms.

Your paddle should finish on the opposite side of your body around shoulder height.

There are some Pickleball paddles that are perfect for two handed backhand players.  As mentioned previously, these paddles have a longer handle.  This is really important, particularly for players with larger hands.

The paddles in our list are of excellent quality and value and would suit players of any style but also have a longer handle to facilitate a backhand shot using both hands.

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1. Prince Quantum Pro Pickleball Paddle 


Priced to suit most budgets, the Prince Quantum Pro Composite is one of the most popular and sought after pickleball paddles for two handed backhands.  It has an impressive 6 inch handle which will comfortably fit the largest hands side by side.

With the expansive sweet spot design in the middle of the paddle, players have better control over the ball. It generates less vibration which is an important aspect for long handled paddles.

The paddle is designed with a 9/16 extra-thick honeycomb core that offers optimal durability like no other in the market. This gives a lot of bounce to your shots and compliments every shot hit by your opponent with an efficient reply.

The paddle weighs around 8.1 lbs, which is on the heavier end of the standard paddles available on the market and is available in a bunch of colors, the red and black being the most popular of the lot.

Prince have such a good name in Pickleball paddles.  They are a quality built, value for money paddle that suits all levels and styles of play.

This paddle has our top recommendation.



2. Vulcan V560 Power Paddle

Vulcan V560 Power paddle

A staple among advanced and professional pickleball players, the Vulcan V560 Power paddle deserves a mention in the list.

Unlike most of the other paddles, this one features an elongated and expanded design for a comfortable playing experience and comes with a 5 ½” handle which is great for two handed backhand.  It also includes the brand’s exclusive grip that has moisture-wicking properties and prevents it from slipping out of the hands while you are taking your winning shot

The paddle offers maximum control and has a stiffer, more solid pop. This is because it features a 13mm polypropylene core with a fibreglass blend face and a textured surface. These thinner cores give you more power however you do get slight vibration through your arm which may not be suitable for beginner players.

The paddle weighs 8.4 oz, which is slightly on the heavier side but this does give you a lot more power.

The Vulcan V560 really suits a two handed backhand player that likes to consistently hit long and hard baseline shots.  A great paddle.


3. Gearbox GX6 Power Pickleball Paddle

two handed backhand pickleball paddle

Unlike most of the popular pickleball brands, Gearbox isn’t always on the top of the list.  Although an underrated approach, the Gearbox GX6 Control is a fantastic paddle for many reasons.

Firstly, it has a generous sized face and 5 5/8” handle that is comfortable to hold and gives excellent reach around the court.  The handle comes in a couple of different grip circumferences so it suits two handed backhand players with smaller grips.

However, the core of the paddle is different from most others.  Instead of a polypropylene honeycomb core, it has been constructed with hand laid graphite chambers.  These are then heated and fashioned as a single piece which gives a really strong junction from face to handle.  This gives a really sturdy but soft feel which is very different from what you may be used to.

The face is also textured so it is good for players who like to spin or slice their shots.

A very decent paddle that takes a little getting used to because of the different feel but once you get it you will love the precision of your shots.  If you are feeling adventurous then this is the paddle for you!


4. Gamma 206 Riley Newman

Riley newman pickleball paddle

The Gamma Riley Newman features a 16 3/8 inch length and 5 ¼ inch handle.  This paddle is all about power and control and is one of the best pickleball paddles that offer broad court coverage.

Great for two handed backhand or switching hands for the two forehand style, you will get very little vibration from this paddle. The handle is a bit squarer than most – a bit more tennis racquet feel – which is more comfortable during very long matches.

Using textured composite fiberglass on the face, you will get a big sweet spot, soft pop and great control for spin.  This is a really dynamic paddle.

Probably more suited to advanced players who know what to do with a softer impact.  A great paddle that highlights Riley Newman’s Seattle upbringing with 206 area code and hockey team colors.


5. Engage Encore MX Pickleball paddle

best pickleball paddle for two handed backhand

The Encore comes with a magical 6 inch long handle and a textured face that suits players that like to spin and slice.

Big on power and even bigger on control, this paddle has a big reach all around the court.  It does have a thinner core and there is a flex in the paddle which does help whip back a shot but can send vibration up your arm.

Well constructed with the surface skin bonded chemically to the fiberglass.  This makes for a longer lasting textured finish which will help with spin.

Better suited to players who like to hit consistent baseline drives.  This is a good value paddle with a big sweet spot that will last a long time.



These paddles are some of the best for two handed backhand players for many reasons.  Predominantly, they have long handles but they also have the right amount of pop and are comfortable for any style player.

Returning the shot with both hands generally gives you more power we encourage you to give this style a try.