My name is Pickleball Patty and I am a huge fan of Pickleball!

I think Pickleball is such an exciting game and it’s a real passion of mine.

But how did my love of the game all start?

Hi!  I’m Patty.

We all have our own story of Why I Love Pickleball and this is what happened to me…

Pickleball Patty Playing Pickleball

I was looking after and caring for my elderly mom

As my mom got older, I took time off work to look after and care for her.

Her body was becoming frail but her mind was still sharp.  She had always enjoyed exercising – yoga, dancing, skipping with the kids.

I thought she might enjoy an occasional gentle exercise class where she could also socialize with other people.

I started searching for exercises for seniors.

The word Pickleball kept appearing!

What is Pickleball?

After seeing the word Pickleball several times I decided to investigate it further.

I had never heard of this sport, exercise, or whatever it was before and was curious!

So, I searched What is Pickleball?  And then had a look at YouTube videos so I could understand better.

Pop. Pop.  Back and forth.  Pop. Pop. It was such a great sound!

Is it table tennis on a tennis court??

I loved the sound the ball was making and I had to find out more!

I searched for Pickleball Courts near me and found some about 25 minutes drive away.

So I drove by.

It was lunchtime on a Sunday afternoon and the courts were packed!

Young people. Old people. Men. Women. Tall. Short.

You describe a person and they were probably there!!

Like Alice in Wonderland, I was becoming curiouser and curiouser!

I went over and started chatting with some players.

They were passionate – all of them.  Not only that, they were happy and really enjoying life and socializing.

I asked a girlfriend to meet me at the courts the following week and we’d try it out.

I have always been active and like to try a variety of sports.  This game intrigued me from the start. 

I was hooked after the first game of Pickleball

We played our first game of Pickleball and we were hooked!

Now, when I say “played” I mean we took a shot, missed and laughed ourselves silly.  Over and over again.

But the adrenalin was pumping and it was just so much fun.

We had to play again the following week.  And then the following. And the following.  I was hooked.

That was about 4 years ago now and I really enjoy all aspects of the game.

What I really like about Pickleball is it can be as competitive or energetic as you want. We usually go with competitive and the loser has to buy the sodas…or a wine!

Pickleball is a great game that everyone can play at any age. It’s a bit like tennis, a bit like badminton and a bit like table tennis…and a whole lot of fun.


Pickleball Patty using her favourite pickleball paddle

“There is always time for one more game of pickleball”

Pickleball Level

Currently, I am at level 3.5…depending on the day!

As they say, “Some days are diamond, some days are stone”.

The Pickleball courts we go to have a real mix of younger and older players and lots of families seem to play together. Double matches with mom and dad with their daughter and son.

Indoor pickleball is becoming more popular, particularly where the winters are real cold. It can get a little noisy inside these centers but at least you can keep playing all year round.

Why I Love Pickleball and why I’ll continue to play

My dear mom has since passed but I’ll never forget the gift of Pickleball she has indirectly given me.

It was a joy looking after and caring for her till the end but the legacy she has left is my passion for the game.

Mom was always a social and happy person – just like the people I meet when playing Pickleball.

I created Pickleball Patty because I wanted a place where beginners and more advanced players could go to get all the information they needed about Pickleball.

You will find all the different pickleball rules and updates. There is also a section on what pickleball equipment you will need – paddles, balls, nets, shoes, bags and ball lobbing machines. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that let you move around the court freely.

The main aim is to just have fun.

I hope you find what you need here and remember…There is always time for one more game of pickleball!

Hope you enjoy the game!

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Pickleball Patty