Best Pickleball Grips – Top 5 Choices from Popular Brands

Every sport comes with a set of gear that includes the basic equipment and the necessary attire that you need to wear. However, what you need to realize is the fact that pickleball grips make a quintessential part of the gaming experience. If the grip on the pickleball paddle isn’t well done and properly wrapped, it will eventually affect the gaming experience.

The grip ensures that the player has enough control on their wrist movements to make secure wins and keep the serve to themselves, instead of ending up losing it to their opponent.

We will be discussing some of the best pickleball grips that you can consider buying for your pickleball paddle. This content will highlight our top 5 picks.

#1. Head Xtreme Soft Pickleball Over Grip

When buying a pickleball grip, the sole concern of you should be on the tackiness of the grip. You want to invest in an option that is easy and feels secure to hold on to. Head is an extremely popular brand that has time and time prioritized the quality of the products and enhanced athletic performance.

The grip is made from high-quality and highly tensile tacky elastomer material that is easy to hold on to. Also, it is very lightweight and comfortable to hold, which is another reason why it has gained the kind of popularity that it has.

The moisture-absorbing properties of this grip are also a bonus, especially when you are playing professional tournaments. If you are tired of using the worn-out stock grip on your paddle, this one is an amazing alternative.

The premium elastomer material comes with a lot of perforations on the body, which offers optimal grip to hit back the ball with much-needed strength.

#2. Prolite Comfort Contour Grip

If you are particularly looking for a cheap yet high-quality contour grip for your pickleball paddle, we’d highly recommend opting for the Prolite comfort contour grip. Not just for pickleball, it works equally well for every racquet sport.

The grip is designed all-black material with white stitching throughout the grip that adds a very chic and premium look, despite costing just $5.99. You will be thankful for the partial perforations all over the grip. This contributes to easier and prompt sweat absorption.

The turns of this grip come with raised cushions that add a comfortable grip to hold while swinging the paddle to hit back the ball to the opponent. Thanks to the high-quality material of this grip, you won’t have to worry about changing or replacing it any time soon.

#3. Gamma Supreme Pickleball Overgrip

Touted as Amazon’s bestseller, the Gamma supreme pickleball overgrip is a must-have for every beginner and advanced pickleball player. Even these are quite affordable and are available in a variety of color options for you to choose from.

The bestselling feature of this high-quality pickleball grip is the sweat absorbent material. This allows you to comfortably hold the pickleball paddle without it slipping right out of your hands like many players often complain about.

Gamma specializes in manufacturing highly tacky grips, which is very easy to apply around the paddle’s handle. We’d recommend wrapping it in the western or continental style for optimal results. Also, despite the soft feel, these grips are designed to last for a good period.

#4. Prolite No-Sweat Diamond Grip

Next up on the list, we have the popular Prolite no-sweat diamond grip. Unlike all the other options, this one stands out with its amazing design and caricature. It is available in multiple color combinations and design choices for the users to choose from.

The aggressive diamond shape traction throughout the grip ensures optimal grip and control over the shots that you make against your opponent. Having this high-quality grip tied around the pickleball paddle handle ensures that you won’t have to flick your wrist unnecessarily all the time.

The rubberized soft feel of this grip prevents the accumulation of sweat in the palm too. So, you won’t have to worry about the paddle slipping out of your hand while you are taking a deep shot at your opponent.

You can compare it with almost every other pickleball paddle grip available in the market and none of them would come close to the comfort that this one brings along. It stands out in terms of comfort, durability and unique design, all in one. Also, you get the reliability of a brand like Prolite, which makes spending a little more worth it.

#5. Vulcan Rosin Powder

You must be sitting here confused why this one is a significant mention in the list, right? Well, the Vulcan Rosin Powder is a popular choice, especially among the advanced pickleball players who don’t want to actively indulge in the taped grips.

Not only is the Rosin powder extremely affordable, but it is also one of the few options that stand out in terms of the user experience over the years. The powder comes in a resealable polybag, which allows you to use it for extended periods without any complications at all.

The product is quite affordable too, and you can use the one bag quite a few times, so we’d offer this as a pickleball grip choice. Since it is a powder-like substance, we can’t stress that it is ideal for the players who have extremely sweaty palms and need a good component to keep their hands dry during the games.

Also, the powder doesn’t have any negative impacts on the skin or dries out the skin, if that is something you are worried about. Just ensure that you have the correct brand product delivered to you.


With so many different types of pickleball paddle grips in the market, these are some of our top picks. All of them are designed to offer optimal control on the movement of the wrists and take over all the difficult shots with flair and without anything stopping you from winning the big games. Most of these options are affordable and well under everyone’s budget.