Best Pickleball Paddle for Women – All You Need to Know

Are you looking for the best Pickleball paddle for women?

While all Pickleball paddles are unisex, sometimes, some women need a smaller grip or lighter paddle to compliment their slighter frame.  This article is really for anyone who wants to know about paddles that have a smaller grip or are not built for long, driving power shots.

When it comes to playing pickleball, having a paddle that is easier to handle will help you to master the game.

There is no one size fits all list but when choosing the best Pickleball paddle for women, we offer a guide of what to look for.

Here is a quick look at what paddles are in our list…

  1. Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite Paddle – Good value paddle
  2. Spectrum Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle – A Prince paddle fit for a queen!
  3. Tempest Wave Pro Graphite Paddle – Excellent paddle that will suit most players (and my favorite)
  4. Response Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle – Nicely balanced that feels good in your hand
  5. Rally Tyro 2 Pro  – Great all round paddle
  6. Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle – Perfect for power players

For more detailed reviews, please continue reading…


best pickleball paddle for women


Be it for men or women, having the right paddle for the game makes all the difference. Given that there are so many different types of pickleball paddles for women, we will be highlighting some of the best ones.

In this article, we will discuss all the best pickleball paddle for women types that you can consider looking into.

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Different paddles will suit the level you are at.

Focus on the Trifecta – Weight, Grip and Shape

When you are buying a pickleball paddle for women, there are three factors you should focus on…


The weight of the paddle plays an important factor in the force of the hit.  Remember that a paddle isn’t heavy the first five minutes you use it.  It gets heavy the last 5 minutes you use it – when you are tired.

Most paddles are middleweight.  That is, around 7.5 to 8 ounces.  Generally this is a suitable weight for most female players.

Typically, the weight of the paddle depends on the materials they are built with.   Many of the lighter paddles are built with a composite of materials.  They usually have a polypropylene honeycomb core and fiberglass face.

These are strong, light paddles that are easy to use and allow control of your shot.


This is a quintessential factor to consider when you are buying a pickleball paddle.

The grip is what gives a comfortable swing for the pickleball ball so it moves across the court to your opponent.

A larger grip can become uncomfortable during a game for a smaller hand but offers more stability to the hold.

Typically, the grip you need in the paddle depends on your hand size.  These can come in small or medium grips.


Lastly, the shape of the paddle is also an important factor to consider.

There are two different variants available – the square paddle style ones and the elongated ones.

When it comes to the dimensions, they measure around 8” wide by 15 ¾” long.  The elongated paddle tends to be the go-to among women because of the comfort factor, however, this is usually for more advanced players.



What is the best Core material for the paddle?

With the size, grip and weight out of the way, the next thing we need to focus on is the core material of the paddle. Typically, four different core materials are available for use. You need to choose between them.

  • Wood– this is an ideal choice among beginners. Despite being one of the heaviest, they are a lot cheaper than the other options available.  This is a good option if you are an occasional player.  It was the original paddle material but takes more effort to play with.
  • Polymer– the next option to consider is a polymer. These are made with a polypropylene blend and are a lot more durable, especially when you are playing more often.  This type of core is a good all round option
  • Nomex– although quite a new material, Nomex is made with a heat-resistant material with a honeycomb core design.  This gives a comfortable swinging and playing experience, especially for female players as it is light, flexible and easy to play with.
  • Aluminum– last on the list is aluminum with the staple honeycomb core.  Even though it’s quite strong, the best thing about this is that it’s lightweight and very comfortable to play with. It makes a pop sound every time you hit it across the court – so these aren’t suitable for all locations and courts.


Find out what the difference between Graphite and Composite Pickleball paddles with our comparison guide.graphite vs composite pickleball paddles






What kind of Surface material is ideal for pickleball paddles?

Another important part when choosing Pickleball paddles for women is to check the quality and type of surface material. The paddle surface is what gives spin or control to your shot. Typically, it can be any one of the four following…


The first and likely the most common option is wood. Like the core, even the surface made with wood is ideal for beginners. They are easily accessible in the market and quite inexpensive too, which is always a benefit.


Another popular surface material you can look into is graphite. This makes the paddle a lot lighter but is strong.  Especially for female professional players who want to hit back the ball with all they have got, this is a popular choice you can consider. The good thing is that the lighter paddles make them easier to carry and swing on the court. If you want to develop more wrist control with your shots, this is the paddle you might like to invest in.


Next up is the staple polycarbonate option. This is made with synthetic resin and is durable, waterproof, dust resistant and just a perfect option all around. Compared to the graphite paddles, the polycarbonate ones are extremely lightweight and make them easier to play with. The resin on the surface makes them one of the most long-lasting options.


Last is the mixture of many. The composite variant is made with a blend of fibreglass and graphite. If you want to invest in high quality and durability, we’d highly recommend you opt for this.

What about the Edge Guard?

Wrapping it all in is the edge guard. The majority of the players don’t pay much attention to this but it’s an important factor to look out for. The edge guard is what contributes to or decides the durability of the paddleboard. If you don’t want it to chip away and get damaged, you need a paddle with an edge guard.

You can get paddles without but they do chip easily.

Here are our 6 recommendations for the best Pickleball paddle for women

When looking at Pickleball paddles for women we feel that the best options come with different weights and grip sizes.

We all know some women that are “Pocket Rockets” – powerful but petite – so they need a lighter weight paddle and a smaller grip.  Most – but not all – of our recommendations come with a smaller grip size option.

Following are our top 6 recommendations for the best Pickleball paddle for women.

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1. Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite Paddle

womens pickleball paddles


Bantam Pickleball paddles are good quality paddles that are durable, balanced and stand the test of time.

The TS-5 Pro has a thicker polymer honeycomb core which gives you a large, consistent sweet spot.  This will give you full control of your shots whether you want a baseline driving shot or a touch over the net.

What we really like about this paddle is the variety of options available regarding weight and grip size.  You can really personalize it to your liking.

There is a smaller 4 1/8″ grip with a high-tack overgrip style wrap.  The larger 4 3/8″ grip has a cushion wrap.

The weight range is from 7.0 ounces for the light-weight up to 8.0 ounces for the standard.

Made in the USA this paddle also has a UV coated fiberglass hybrid face.  This gives the paddle even more protection against fading.

A good value paddle that has great features.



2. Spectrum Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle

best womens pickleball paddles

The Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball paddle has a more circular shape face.  This gives you a huge sweet spot for hitting winners.

It comes with a thicker polymer core which takes the shock out of power shots coming your way.

Great paddle for dinks, drop shots, soft shots, spin shots, power shots, baseline drives and any other shot you can action!

You will feel in full control of your volley or ground stroke and with the power to hit bangers all game.

Comes in a small and large grip with a flat or cushioned grip style.

Weights range from 7.2 ounces for the Light and up to 8.3 ounces for the Standard.

Made in the USA, this is a great value paddle from a well known racquet company.

This Prince paddle is really fit for a Queen!


3. Tempest Wave Pro Graphite Paddle


tempest pickleball paddle


Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is one of the best Pickleball paddles around and for good reason.

You get great control and response to your shots with the traditional shape and a large sweet spot.

Great for a softer, more controlled and strategic game but you’ll be able to hit powerful, baseline drives when needed.

The grip comes in small 4 1/8″ and large 4 3/8″ with thin and cushioned respective grip style.

Weight ranges from 7.6 to 8.0 ounces and there are .

You can personalize this paddle to your liking and it comes in 5 color variants.

An excellent paddle that will suit most players.



4. Response Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle

womens best pickleball paddle

Another Prince Pickleball paddle that is fit for a Queen, this paddle has the mark of Simone Jardim on it.  Simone is a multi championship and US Open Triple Crown winner who has worked with the Prince team to design a Pickleball paddle suitable for women.

It has a very round face with a thick polymer core so you get great control and great power with a very large sweet spot.  Great for speed and direction.

The Response Pro comes in a small and large grip size and the handle is a little longer than most – so it is great if you play a two-handed back hand.

The Light weight paddle starts at 7.2 ounces and the Standard is up to 8.3 ounces.

Nicely balanced and feels really comfortable in your hand.

One of the best Pickleball paddle for 3.0 player or above.

A delightful paddle that won’t disappoint.


5. Rally Tyro 2 Pro 

Best pickleball paddle for women


The Rally Tyro 2 Pro is a great women’s or beginners paddle because it has a big sweet spot.  This means that whether you’re running to return a shot or driving a shot past your opponent, you get a controlled and consistent touch.

It is a mid weight paddle with a medium size grip (with no other size options) but it has good balance and feels comfortable in your hand.

A good value paddle with good control.  The polymer core absorbs a lot of the shock so you can hit powerful slammers as well as soft drop shots or dinks.  The face is a poly-carbonate composite which is really durable.

All-round a good paddle.



6. Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle

pickleball paddle for women

The Encore Composite Pickleball paddle is a great paddle for women who love to hit bangers – long, driving shots to their opponent’s baseline.

USAPA note that this paddle has the highest amount of roughness and deflection allowed on courts.  A big deflection creates a powerful shot as you get a “flick” as the ball leaves the paddle without the shock going through your body.

Also, the roughness grips the ball a little longer than normal allowing you to put a spin on the ball if desired.  Due to these features, this paddle may be more suited to an intermediate female player that wants to refine their skills.

It is a balanced, midweight paddle and only comes in a medium grip size.  Lots of colors and swirls to choose from.

Larger frame women may find this paddle a good choice for their hand size.

Great quality, durable paddle.



There are many choices when it comes to the best Pickleball paddle for women.

Are you a power player that loves to slog the ball to the back of the court?  Do you like to dink and play strategically with your shots?  Is spin your winning shot?

The main consideration is to get a paddle that suits your hand size and play strategy.