Best Pickleball Paddle for Women – All You Need to Know

Are you looking for the best Pickleball paddle for women in 2023?

When it comes to finding the best Pickleball paddle for women in 2023, there is no one-size-fits-all list.

However, there are some key characteristics that can make the decision easier.

A smaller grip and lighter weight paddle can be beneficial for those with slighter frames, as it will be easier to handle.

Therefore, finding a paddle that is tailored to your size can be advantageous.

There is no one size fits all list but when choosing the best Pickleball paddle for women, we offer a guide of what to look for and why certain features are important.

Here is a quick look at what paddles are in our list…

  1. Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite Paddle – Good value paddle
  2. Spectrum Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle – A Prince paddle fit for a queen!
  3. Tempest Wave Pro Graphite Paddle – Excellent paddle that will suit most players (and my favorite)
  4. Response Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle – Nicely balanced that feels good in your hand
  5. Head Extreme Tour Lite pickleball paddle – A delightful paddle that won’t disappoint
  6. Rally Tyro 2 Pro  – Great all round paddle
  7. Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle – Perfect for power players

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best pickleball paddle for women


Here are our 7 recommendations

When looking at the best women’s pickleball paddle we feel that the best options come with different weights and different grip circumferences and grip length sizes.

We all know some women that are “Pocket Rockets” – powerful but petite – and they may need lightweight paddles and a smaller grip.

Most – but not all – of our recommendations come with a smaller grip size option.

Other, more advanced players or larger women, may like the feel of a heavier pickleball paddle.

Following are our top 7 recommendations for the best Pickleball paddle for women.

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1. Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite Paddle

womens pickleball paddles


The Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite pickleball paddle is one of the best pickleball paddles for female players who want responsive control and maximum performance.

With Paddletek’s 916 Pro core, the lightweight paddle produces a large and consistent sweet spot.

This makes it easier to hit powerful shots with accuracy while still achieving optimal control over each shot.

2 grip sizes

The Bantam TS-5 Pro also allows you the freedom to personalize your paddle with a choice of two grip sizes – either 4 1/8” or 4 3/8” – and two weight ranges (light and standard).

The lightest paddle version averages around 7.3 ounces whereas the standard weighs approximately 7.8 ounces.

In addition to its responsive control, the Bantam TS-5 Pro also features advanced vibration control technology for comfortable play.

The paddle minimizes shock and produces a smooth feel at contact, allowing you to enjoy a pleasurable playing experience.

The Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite pickleball paddle is perfect for women who want to take their game to the next level. With its optimized performance, adjustable grip size and weight range, plus advanced vibration control, it really is one of the high quality paddles for serious pickleball players.

Made in the USA this paddle also has a UV coated fiberglass hybrid face.  This gives the paddle even more protection against fading.

Your Bantam TS-5 Pro Composite pickleball paddle is a good value paddle that has great features.

One of our favorites!



2. Spectrum Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle

best womens pickleball paddles

The Spectrum Pro Composite pickleball paddle offers a combination of enough power and control to give you the edge in your game.

With its Progressive Core technology, it has the potential to increase shot accuracy and consistency with every strike.

Thicker core

The core is thicker than industry standards – giving women more control over their shots – while the rounded shape helps ensure maximum sweet spot contact.

Its two weight and grip sizes give you the option to customize your paddle, giving you control over your game no matter the situation.

The Spectrum Pro Composite is designed for any player who wants a more consistent performance and greater control on the court.

From soft shots to spin shots or defensive volleys, if you’re looking for an edge in your game you won’t want to miss out on the Spectrum Pro Composite.

It comes in a small and large grip with a flat or cushioned grip style.

This is one of the best pickleball paddles for the combination of power and control It could be just what you need to take your pickleball skills to the next level.

Made in the USA, this is a great value paddle for a well known racquet company.

This Prince paddle is really fit for a Queen!


3. Tempest Wave Pro Graphite Paddle


tempest pickleball paddle


If you’re a woman looking for a paddle with incredible control and power, the Tempest Wave Pro Graphite pickleball paddle could be your perfect choice.

With Smart Response Technology, this paddle gives you the best of both worlds – strength and sensitivity.

Whether your style is aggressive or defensive, the paddle width has a broad 8″ graphite surface with a forgiving sweet spot.

Responsive style

This translates to consistent responsiveness across the face of the paddle.

A responsive paddle allows you to hit the pickleball with more power and accuracy, giving you an advantage over your opponents.

The faster response time also helps you react quickly to your opponent’s shots and anticipate their next moves.

Additionally, a paddle with good responsiveness will help reduce fatigue during an intense match, as you won’t need to use as much effort to drive the ball.

The Tempest Wave Pro Graphite pickleball paddle is designed to fit any hand size and style with two grip options – thin or thick.

The handle is 5-1/4” long which provides extra grip length for a two-handed backhand player.

You can also choose from two paddles shapes to suit your game style.

Tempest has expanded their Wave Pro technology with new paddle shape options, allowing players to choose the right paddle for their particular game.

The counterpart of the Wave Pro is the Tempest Reign Pro, a slightly longer and more narrow version of the classic graphite paddle.

This gives you more power with a longer but narrower sweet spot, perfect for those looking to capitalize on precision and spin.

Both paddles are designed to give players top-of-the-line performance, allowing you to take your game to the next level.

Whether it’s with the traditionally shaped Wave Pro or its longer and narrower sibling, the Reign Pro, Tempest offers women pickleball players the best in paddle technology.

So if you’re a competitive player looking to up your game, the Tempest Wave Pro and Reign Pro are some of the best pickleball paddles to get you on top of the court.

You can personalize this paddle to your liking as it comes in 5 color variants.

An excellent paddle that will suit most players and my favorite!



4. Response Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle

womens best pickleball paddle

The Response Pro Composite Pickleball paddle is perfect for the female competitor.

Featuring the signature of multi championship and US Open Triple Crown winner Simone Jardim, it has been carefully crafted to give women the edge in pickleball matches.

This paddle features a very round face with an extra-thick polymer core ensuring control, power and a large sweet spot.

Longer handle length

With its longer handle length, which is perfect for two-handed backhands, you’ll have the reach and speed to direct the ball exactly where you want it to go.

Additionally, a longer handle can help reduce the strain on your arm and shoulder muscles when playing for long periods of time.

The Response Pro is available in both small and large grip sizes so there’s a fit for everyone.

Take your pickleball game to the next level with Simone Jardim’s top of the line Response Pro Composite Pickleball paddle.

Get your hands on this Queen-worthy paddle today and dominate your opponents!


5. Head Extreme Tour Lite pickleball paddles

Head extreme tour lite


The Head Extreme Tour Lite pickleball paddle is a fantastic choice for players of all levels.

This lightweight and durable paddle offers excellent control and power, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced players alike.

The cushioned handle helps provide enhanced grip and comfort while the longer, stiffer shaft provides added stability during play.

Plus, the bright graphics and bold colors make this paddle stand out from the rest. The Extreme Tour Lite also features a textured surface that helps reduce noise and vibration on contact with the ball.

Quality beginner paddle

Whether you’re looking for a quality beginner paddle or an advanced tournament-level option, the Head Extreme Tour Lite pickleball paddle won’t disappoint.

With its lightweight construction, superior control and power, as well as added comfort, this paddle is perfect for any player looking to take their game to the next level.

Update: The Head Extreme Tour Lite pickleball paddle has been designed with a unique ‘taper core technology’ to provide increased control, power and accuracy.

Large sweet spot

This paddle also offers an impressive sweet spot for increased power on every shot.

Large sweet spots allow for greater control when hitting the ball, making it easier to place your shots exactly where you want them to go.

With a larger sweet spot, you can make cleaner shots and play with greater accuracy.

Ultimately, this leads to an improved game and better shots that will help you win the match!

The lightweight construction of the Head Extreme Tour Lite ensures you can maneuver around the court quickly and effectively, while the cushion grip handle provides maximum comfort during your game.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, the Head Extreme Tour Lite one of the top paddles to help you improve your game

A delightful paddle that won’t disappoint.

Head extreme tour lite

6. Rally Tyro 2 Pro 

Best pickleball paddle for women


The Rally Tyro 2 Pro is one of the best beginner women’s paddles because it has a big sweet spot.

This means that whether you’re running to return a shot or driving a shot past your opponent, you get a controlled and consistent touch.

This is a mid weight paddle with a medium size grip (with no other size options) but it has good balance and feels comfortable in your hand.

Budget-friendly paddle

A budget friendly paddle with good control and a comfortable grip.

The polymer core absorbs a lot of the shock so you can hit powerful slammers as well as soft drop shots or dinks.  The paddle face is a poly-carbonate composite which is really durable.

One of the most popular pickleball paddles for women looking for an entry level paddle.

All round good paddle.



7. Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle

pickleball paddle for women

The Encore Composite Pickleball paddle is one of the best pickleball paddles for women who love to hit bangers – long, driving shots to their opponent’s baseline.

USAPA note that this paddle has a heavily textured surface and the highest amount of deflection allowed on courts.

Big deflection creates superior power

A big deflection creates a superior power shot as you get a “flick” as the ball leaves the paddle without the shock going through your body.

Also, the roughness grips the ball a little longer than normal allowing you to put a spin on the ball if desired.

Due to these features, this paddle may be more suited to an intermediate female player that wants to refine her skills and try harder shots.

Balanced midweight paddle

It is a balanced, midweight paddle and only comes in a medium grip size.

Lots of colors and swirls to choose from.

Larger frame women may find this paddle a good choice for their hand size.

These less expensive paddles are great quality and durable.


You may also want to check out our detailed guides for the best pickleball paddles for…

Different paddles will suit the level you are at.


When searching for the perfect Pickleball paddle, here are a few factors to consider:

Grip size

Look for a grip size that fits comfortably in your hand. Many paddles offer adjustable grips so you can customize the fit.


Most Pickleball paddles weigh between 7 to 8 ounces, but some models offer lighter options. If you want a lighter paddles or paddle that’s easier to maneuver, opt for one with a lighter weight.

Balance for ball control

This is an important feature as it will affect how you play the game. Look for a paddle with even balance throughout so you can control the ball more precisely.


The material of your paddle will determine its durability, so make sure to choose one that’s built to last. Graphite and fiberglass are some of the most popular materials used in Pickleball paddles.

When it comes to finding the best pickleball paddle for women, comfort and durability should be top priorities. Consider your size, playing style, and preferences before making a decision so you can find the perfect paddle for you.

With the right pickleball paddle in hand, you’ll be better equipped to ace the game!


Find out more about Grip, Weight, Ball control and Material used

Pickleball paddle grip circumference

When playing pickleball, having the right grip circumference is an important factor for achieving optimal performance.

Women’s pickleball paddles can have thinner handles than men’s paddles, which can make choosing the right grip size even more difficult.

It is important to find a grip size that fits your hand comfortably and allows you to execute shots with precision and accuracy.

How to measure your grip size

When measuring the grip size for your pickleball paddle, it is important to consider both comfort and control.

To do this accurately, you will need to measure from the base of your palm (where it meets your wrist) up to the base of your middle finger.

Once you have this measurement in inches, you can use it to determine the ideal size of grip for your paddle. You can also use a ruler or measuring tape to get an exact measurement, or simply use your index finger and thumb as a rough guide.

The grip circumference you choose should be determined by your hand size, but it is also important to consider the type of shots you plan on executing in your game.

If you typically execute a lot of power shots or plays that require quick wrist action, then you may want to opt for a larger grip size for better control.

However, if you are more of a finesse player and prefer to focus on placement rather than power, then a smaller grip size may be better.

How to choose the right grip circumference

When selecting the right grip circumference for your women’s pickleball paddle, it is important to look at both your hand size and playing style.

Choosing the right grip size can help you maximize your performance and give you the confidence to go out there and dominate your game.

All of these factors need to be considered when selecting the right grip circumference for your women’s pickleball paddle!


Weight of the pickleball paddle

The weight of a women’s pickleball paddle is another important factor to consider. It can determine how well you control the ball, your stamina levels during play, and your overall comfort while playing.

Lighter paddles

A lighter paddle will tend to make hitting the ball easier as it requires less effort when swinging.

This can be preferable for players who have wrist or elbow pain, as they will not have to exert themselves as much.

Additionally, a lighter paddle is usually easier to maneuver and make quick shots with due to its reduced mass.

Heavier paddles

On the other hand, a heavier paddle may offer more power behind each shot. This could be beneficial for experienced players who are looking for more control, power, and accuracy when hitting the ball.

The paddle weight can also affect your stamina levels throughout the game. If you choose a heavier paddle, it could cause fatigue or strain on your arms faster than with a lighter one.

But if you opt for a light-weight paddle, you may feel that you don’t have as much control or power over the ball. It’s a balancing act!

The comfort of your paddle is very important

It is important to remember that comfort is the primary factor when picking a paddle. You should select a weight that suits your body type and experience level, and allows you to move easily while playing.

Experiment with different weights until you find one that offers a good balance between power, control, and comfort.

Ultimately, whether you are after lightweight paddles or heavy paddles, the right paddle weight for you is a personal preference that you can usually only discover through practice.


Balance for ball control

When it comes to pickleball, ball control is an essential skill.

For women playing the game, having a well-balanced paddle can make all the difference in maintaining proper control of the ball.

The balance of a women’s pickleball paddle has an impact on how easily and accurately you can hit shots.

Why you need a balanced paddle

A balanced pickleball paddle helps you get more power and finesse with every shot.

A well-balanced paddle will help reduce arm fatigue and give it an easier feel when playing long rallies.

The balance of the paddle also helps you make quick adjustments to your shots depending on where the ball is coming from, allowing you to anticipate your opponent’s next move.

When choosing a women’s pickleball paddle, pay attention to the weight and balance of the paddle. Heavier paddles provide more power but can be difficult to maneuver.

Light paddles are easier to move around but lack the same level of power. It’s important to find a paddle that has the right combination of weight and balance to suit your playing style.

Shape of the paddle

In addition to weight and balance but to a lesser extent, you’ll also want to consider the shape of the paddle. A longer paddle provides more reach but can be harder to control, while a shorter paddle is easier to maneuver but provides less power.

Getting the right combination of weight, balance, and shape can be trial and error. Our paddle reviews should give you the information you need to make the right decision so you can enjoy improved ball control and better performance on the court.


What is the best material for pickleball paddles for women

Women who play pickleball want to maximize their performance.

The type of material used to make paddles will have a direct impact on how well you can control your shots, as well as its durability and weight.

Most common materials for pickleball paddles

The most common materials used in making pickleball paddles are graphite and composite.

Graphite surface paddles

Graphite paddles are lightweight, durable, and offer excellent control.

They also provide great power when hit with a hard stroke.

Composite paddles

Composite paddles are slightly heavier than graphite and wood paddles but also offer excellent control and power.

If you’re looking for the best material for pickleball paddles, then you need to consider your skill level and playing style.

If you’re just starting out with pickleball, then a graphite paddle is the best choice. They’re lightweight and offer great control.

If you’re an experienced player looking for more power, then a composite paddle would be better suited for your game.

No matter what material you decide to use for your pickleball paddle, it needs to feel comfortable in your hand and be the right size and weight for you.

Why the surface material is important

Keep in mind that the type of paddle you choose will depend on how well you can control your shots. The best material for pickleball paddles is the one that provides you with the best performance.

When choosing a paddle, also consider the features and design elements they offer. Some paddles come with a textured surface or extra-long handles to help you control your shots better.

Make sure to look for a quality pickleball paddle that will last for years and provide you with the best performance.


Find out what the difference between Graphite and Composite Pickleball paddles with our comparison guide.graphite vs composite pickleball paddles






Does the core material for the paddle matter?

When it comes to pickleball paddles, the core is a deciding factor when it comes to power and control.

Two of the most popular materials used for making pickleball paddle cores are polypropylene honeycomb core and aluminum core.

Polypropylene honeycomb core

The polypropylene honeycomb core consists of thin sheets of high-density plastic foam, which are fused together with heat and pressure to create a strong paddle core.

This core material is lightweight but also provides good power. It is typically used for paddles that require more control as it reduces the amount of vibration when striking the ball.

Aluminum core

The aluminum core of pickleball paddles is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, providing durability and a consistent feel.

As aluminum is heavier, it delivers more power but less control. It is the ideal choice for players who prefer a strong and powerful game.

Both pickleball paddle cores have their own unique characteristics and strengths that make them suitable for different types of players.

The polypropylene honeycomb core is lightweight, offers good power and provides great control, making it a great choice for beginner to intermediate players.

Aluminum on the other hand, is heavier and offers more power but less control – perfect for advanced players who want a powerful game.

Ultimately, the best material for pickleball paddle cores is the one that suits your playing style and skill level.


Do you need a pickleball paddle edge guard

Pickleball paddle edge guards are designed to provide an extra layer of protection around the edges of paddles.

This helps keep the edges from chipping and becoming worn out over time. A good quality edge guard should be made of a strong material such as rubber or foam so it cushions against any accidental impacts or forceful shots.

Edge guards come in a variety of styles and materials, so you can choose one that best suits your playing style and preferences. They can range from thin strips of foam to thick rubber covers.

No matter which type you choose, a durable edge guard will help keep your paddle in perfect condition for longer.

You can get paddles without an edge guard but they do chip easily.



The best pickleball paddle for women depends on your individual preferences and goals.

It is important to consider your playing style and skill level when choosing a paddle.

Are you a power player that loves heavy paddles so you can slog the ball to the back of the court?

Do you like lighter paddles to dink and play strategically with your shots?

Is spin your winning shot?

The best pickleball paddle is a paddle that suits your hand size and play strategy.

This article gives you opinions on the different paddles available and what to look for.

Grip circumference is very important for a comfortable game.

Would mid weight paddles suit you or do you think you would prefer lightweight paddles? The weight of the paddle makes a big difference to longer games. Heavier paddles can get tiring to hold when you’re playing pickleball for a long time.

I always say, “It’s not the first shot that is tiring – it’s the last shot!”

Handle length is important if you prefer two handed backhand shots.

Some paddles are made of Graphite and other paddles have composite surfaces.

Some paddles have a nice big sweet spot to help with your shot.

Vibration reduction paddles definitely make a difference – they can be more expensive but are worth the extra money if you can afford them.

The best pickleball paddle is not always the most expensive, it’s the one you enjoy playing with the most.