8 Best Pickleball Paddles Under $50 in 2022

Want to know what the best Pickleball paddles under $50 are?

There are a few brands and sets of Pickleball paddles under $50 that are pretty good.

These inexpensive paddles are great if you are an occasional player or just starting out and not sure if this is the game for you.  Honestly, once you start playing pickleball you will really enjoy the game.

The main element in any sport is the equipment involved.  The Pickleball paddle is one of the most crucial pieces.

If you are considering playing pickleball, finding a paddle that is good quality and affordable can be confusing.

There are so many brands and models of pickleball paddles.

Don’t worry though because we have sorted out some of the best pickleball paddles under $50 that are worth considering.



Best pickleball paddles under $50 in 2022

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1. ULAOUL Pickleball Paddles Set

best pickleball paddles under $50

Starting the list is the the ULAOUL Pickleball Paddles Set. This one is available in a set of 2 with a carrying bag so the pickleball paddles are kept securely inside. The edge guard of these pickleball paddles ensures long-lasting usage without scrapes and damage.

The paddle face of ULAOUL is made with molded carbon fiber, which makes it durable and sturdy too. The material used for the pickleball paddle is graphite, which makes it a comfortable and lightweight paddle. It is one of the lighter paddles on the market. Compared to other graphite paddles, this has a paddle weight of only 7.9 oz.

The polymer core with honeycomb structure gives this graphite paddle a sturdy look and design. Also, the non-slip premium grip offers a sturdy hold on the pickleball paddle, preventing any risks of damage in the long run. The grip of the graphite paddle is sweat-absorbent too.

2. Niupipo Pickleball Paddle

cheap pickleball paddles

Another popular and bestselling pickleball paddle worth considering is the Niupipo Pickleball Paddle. Compared to other paddles, this one has been around for years and offers an amazing quality gaming experience.

It is USAPA approved.

Like the previous pickleball paddle,  this one features a honeycomb core for optimal power and performance. The polymer core also offers extended paddle surface area so the ball doesn’t fly off immediately and gives you time to decide your shot.

The protective edge guard of the Niupipo pickleball paddle ensures enhanced durability and reduces the risks of scrapes and damage. The paddle face is made with fiberglass, which further contributes to the durability of the product. The contour cushion grip is sweat absorbent and ergonomic.

3. AUTOSAN Pickleball Paddle

best pickleball paddle under $50

Who doesn’t love them a sleek, galaxy printed pickleball paddle, right? Well, you are in luck because the AUTOSAN Pickleball Paddle is just what you need. This particular one features a combination of graphite and fiberglass composite, which contribute to the durability of the product.

The solid honeycomb design is very sturdy and contributes to the credibility of the graphite paddle. Also, this is quite a lightweight paddle, which is another reason why it stands out as one of the best in the market.

The breathable grip ensures that your palms don’t sweat when you are swinging in the shots. Also, the exterior of this graphite paddle features a UV coating that protects its body from direct UV damage from the sun.


4. Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Wood 4-Paddle

best pickleball set

If you’re looking for an excellent wooden paddle packaged deal, nothing beats the Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Wood 4-Paddle. This one is hands down the best pickleball paddle package, especially if you don’t want to pay a lot of money for individual wood paddles.

The combination of durable and ergonomic pickleball paddles is made with 7-ply wood construction, which ensures that you never have to compromise on the quality of the pickleball paddle. Also, you get a mesh carrying bag so that the wood paddles don’t get scuffed from the exterior.

Compared to graphite paddles, this one is a lightweight wooden paddle that is comfortable to hold and ideal for beginners.  Also, these wooden paddles are backed with a 1-year warranty.


5. Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle

best cheap pickleball paddle

If your budget is below $20, the Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle is your go-to choice. Unlike all the other paddles, this one features an extremely durable and sturdy aluminum construction. It is lightweight too, with a paddle weight of approximately 11 oz.

The pickleball paddle is approved by USAPA, which means you can use them for tournaments too. The fitting non-slip grip of the paddle offers a comfortable holding experience and prevents the risks of sweating and slipping that many complain about.

This is a cheaper paddle option you can consider. Besides the dual-plated aluminum construction, the pickleball paddle comes with an external protective casing too. This protects the edges from the nicks and damage that many complain about.

6. Beives Pickleball Paddles

best inexpensive pickleball paddle

Although quite basic, the Beives Pickleball Paddles stand out with their quality. It is available in a set of 4 and comes with a separate carrying bag that you can make the most use of. These are ideal for beginners and families who want to engage in a friendly match of pickleball.

The quality pickleball paddles from Beives are constructed with 7-plywood construction that offers optimum stability and durability with the construction. Also, the paddles are quite stylish with their construction, further adding to the benefit.

The pickleball paddles also come with an extra guard, especially around the edges that contribute to better protection of the paddles, especially in the long run. The adjustable wrist wrap is an added benefit.


Finding the right pickleball paddle is key if you want to have a comfortable playing experience.

Ideally, we’d recommend sticking to well-known brands and bestselling products. Just ensure that you focus on the quality, build and ergonomics of the pickleball paddle.

Despite being priced under $50, all of these pickleball paddles are made of superior quality material.

This is our recommended list of the best Pickleball paddles under $50.