Best Pickleball Sets – 5 Best Branded Choices to Look Into

Are you looking for the best Pickleball sets to get your game started in an instant?

Having a Pickleball set with paddles, balls and a net is an easy way to get a game started.

Whether you’re having a picnic, on vacation or just want to enjoy an occasional hit on a nearby tennis court, the best Pickleball sets make it quick and easy to set up.

These sets are not just for beginners either.   Players of all levels will love the convenience of having a complete set to start a game.  If you are new to Pickleball, you might like to check out our detailed article on Pickleball Paddles.  Here you will find out what the different types of paddles are and what to look for.

All of the sets we have reviewed here come with four paddles, four balls and a portable net.  This is all you need for a challenging doubles game or a quick singles.

With so many brands available,  picking the best Pickleball sets can be a challenge.  Here are 5 sets we think are good value for money.  There is one to suit your budget and playing level.


best pickleball sets


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1. Diller Tournament Set

diller pickleball set

Starting the list off is the Diller tournament set because it is your one-stop solution for tackling your favorite pickleball gaming experience. This set consists of 4 wooden pickleball paddles, an easy to set up net, balls and a carry bag to keep everything sorted safely.

The portable and lightweight tournament set is perfect for indoor games like at schools or community centers.  Wooden Pickleball paddles are easy for everyone to use because they are sturdy and durable.  However, they are heavier than the composite paddles but are balanced.  You will still find that smaller beginner players will be able to handle them well.

The easy tension straps with raised crossbar design on the net allow for easy setup.  The wide legs on the ends of the net have a specific bent design with a very sturdy structure and is easy to maneuver.

Our opinion…

All in all, this is a good value, basic Pickleball set for the occasional game or learning experience for schools and communities.

best pickleball sets

2. Kanga Set

best pickleball set for beginners

When talking about beginner-friendly pickleball set brands, Kanga takes the cake every time. This particular set comes with four wooden pickleball paddles, 4 pickleball balls and a portable net.

The wooden paddles are designed with a tennis-style design with a ribbed grip that has a tacky finish so it is very easy to hold on to. The safety wrist grip is another benefit, particularly for younger players.

It comes with a high quality net that is easy to set up and has velcro fasteners to keep it tight.  The net frame is made of powder coated steel and is very sturdy.

Everything fits inside the included carry bag but you do need to keep it organised as it is a tight fit.

Our opinion…

This is one of the best beginner Pickleball sets as the paddles have a good, balanced feel in your hand.  The net is good quality with a sturdy frame and the carry bag has a good zipper which is needed to last the distance.

pickleball sets for beginners


3. Rally Meister Pickleball Set

rally meister pickleball set

If you are looking for the best Pickleball set with wooden pickleball paddles, the Rally Meister set is your ideal pick. This set consists of four pickleball paddles, four outdoor pickleball balls, Rally portable net and a carry bag to keep everything in.

The wooden paddles are made with 7-ply maple, which makes them lighter and stronger than others in the market.  The grip is really good quality and is cushioned and moisture wicking.  Ribbing around the hand gives a nice feel and the string handle is good for younger players.

You will notice the dynamic touch with the responsive and generous sweet spot in the paddles makes it extremely easy to use and maneuver without straining yourself in the process.

Also, the set comes with outdoor pickleball balls which means you can practice your drills using these balls.

This set includes a Rally portable net.  This is a high quality net system that stays tight with the use of buckle fasteners.  The frame is powder coated steel with strong, wide, sturdy legs.   Everything does fit snuggly into the bag.

The entire pickleball set is USAPA approved, so you can use the equipment for professional matches and practice too.

Our opinion…

This is the best Pickleball set for the price.  The Rally Meister paddles are good quality and well balanced in your hand with a comfortable grip.  They make a sweet “popping” noise when hitting the ball.  The quality net is sturdy and easy to set up.

rally meister pickleball set


4. Rally Tyro 2 Pro Set

best pickleball set

Although one of the more expensive sets in the lot, the Rally Tyro 2 set is perfect for advanced or professional pickleball players who don’t want to compromise on the quality of the equipment they are using during the game.

This particular set comes with four paddles, four outdoor pickleball balls as well as a Classic Picklenet net.  You also get a duffel bag to hold all your gear.

The highly durable and superior quality pickleball paddles are lightweight and USAPA approved.  The paddles have a polypropylene honeycomb core with vibration dampening technology that ensures optimal control when hitting the ball back to the opponent. You won’t ever have to worry about comfort while using this pickleball set.

The durable velvety texture with the polycarbonate facing gives the paddle a premium finish that every player will enjoy using.  It enhances the sweet spot in the paddle which makes it easier to hit the ball back across the court to the opponent.  The perforated moisture-wicking grip on the paddles offers an optimal and comfortable grip.

Picklenet is a quality, lightweight net system and comes with this set.  It is held tight by a velcro tension system and has a flat center support that helps prevent wear on the top band.  The frame is powder coated tubing and is very easy to put together.  Although it is a good quality net it is recommended that it is not left outdoors for extended periods.

Our opinion…

This is the best Pickleball set.  Yes, it is more expensive but if you are a serious pickleball player then buying this set is a cost effective way to buy your gear.  You can take it on vacation with your family or friends, find a flat surface and then…game on!  Good quality net, comfortable paddles and the sweet pop of a pickleball make this a winner.

best pickleball set


5. Champion Eclipse Graphite Set

pickleball set

Last on the list is the Champion Eclipse Graphite set, which is another popular and advanced player pickleball set with a higher price tag.

The entire pickleball set comes with four pickleball paddles, four outdoor balls, portable net system, rule book and a Duffel carry bag.  So, the higher price point of this pickleball set is quite well justified.

The paddles and outdoor balls are USAPA approved and the entire set comes with a 1-year warranty, which guarantees optimal usage. The paddle weighs 7.5 ounces, making it perfect for a comfortable playing experience with a cushion grip.  With a graphite paddle face and polymer core, these paddles are ideal for any skill level.

Easy, quick set up net with a sturdy steel frame and it’s own bag.  Plus you get an additional duffel bag for all your pickleball equipment.

Our opinion…

Price is generally an indication of quality.  Champion is a very well known brand making quality sporting equipment so it speaks for itself.  Good quality, balanced paddles with a good quality sturdy net.  You can take this on vacation and have a game ready to play in around 5 minutes.

pickleball set


When it comes to the best pickleball sets, whether you are a beginner or a professional player, these are our recommended choices.  Have a budget and pick the set that suits this best as all have quality paddles, the wooden ones being more basic but still balanced and comfortable in your hand.

These pickleball sets are great to take on vacation and have a spontaneous game or if there are tennis courts that you can quickly convert into Pickleball courts.