My Badminton to Pickleball journey

Casey's badminton to pickleball story

Casey’s story, written by Jonathan   Badminton was my first love Before I discovered the sport of pickleball, badminton was the only activity that had ever been able to truly capture my heart. I was passionate about it and couldn’t imagine ever finding another sport that could replace it. So, if you would have told … Read more

Pick. Call. Ball.

Pick. Call. Ball.

Article Written By Sophia PICK. CALL. BALL. Sleepyhead is a description that best fits me. It is even a huge part of my personality. Despite this, I have never neglected my drive to have a good performance in my studies no matter how heavy my eyelids get during classes. I still persevere and try my … Read more

Pickleball and Me

Pickleball and me

Article Written By Zyle Cantago How do you pronounce “Pickleball?” Pickle ball? Pi-ckle ball? Pickleball. The first time I heard the name pickleball, it always struck me as odd. Usually, when you hear the name of a sport or a ball game, you can already probably imagine how it’s played or how it works. Take, … Read more

Jon’s Mom’s Pickleball Story

The pickleball queen

Article Written by Jonathan Wang The Pickleball Queen What does a mom who is an entrepreneur, travels frequently for work, is on international meeting calls 24/7, has been teaching Chinese on the weekends for the last 22 years, and has helped raise twin boys for the past 18 years do for exercise? The answer should … Read more

Pickleball is great for people who don’t play sports

Pickleball is great for people who don't play sports

Article Written By Naizar Hi friends! I’m Naizar, and I play pickleball at my school. We must play this game because it is the focus of our physical education (PE) course subject this semester, which is necessary for me to complete my bachelor’s degree. I am not a sporty person, to be honest, and I … Read more

The reasons I just love pickleball

Article Written By Sherine El Hashemi Ok, so, can I tell you the reasons I just love Pickleball? It all started 2 years when I visited my friend at her RV park on the lake in Canada. She asked me if I had ever played Pickleball as there was a court at the RV park. … Read more

Why I love pickleball by Luan Bosch

Article Written By Luan Bosch Why I love pickleball by Luan Bosch I started playing Pickleball around two years ago here in sunny South Africa, and since then, the journey has been absolutely amazing. Pickleball is one of the most enjoyable sports I have ever played, especially when it comes to playing with friends. Let … Read more

My Pickleball Story

playing pickleball

Article Written By Jonathan Wang My Mom Told Me So If you ask any weightlifter who enjoys lifting 300+ pound weights 4-6 times a week to willingly partake in any form of cardio, you’ll most likely receive a squinty side eye, a flex of a bicep, and a firm “no, thank you.” When I first heard the … Read more

Why I love Pickleball

Article Written By Kristy Phillips I shoved open the sliding glass door of my new kitchen of my new house. Well, new to me. The forty-year old house sat empty around me, waiting for the moving trucks to arrive. Five years after my divorce, I’d left the small town of my married life and moved … Read more

How to get better at Pickleball

How to get better at Pickleball

Do you want to know how to get better at Pickleball? We all want to get better at Pickleball, our favorite game, so let’s go through some pickleball tips and strategies that can help you improve. An often quoted line from Bruce Lee is “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, … Read more