Your Pickleball Stories

Want to tell the world why you love Pickleball or do you have a funny Pickleball story?

I was looking for a gentle exercise my mom could do as she got older and stumbled across the word Pickleball.  I had never heard of it before but now I am an addicted game geek!

It’s like chocolate – you can’t stop at one.

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Why I love Pickleball

Article Written By Kristy Phillips I shoved open the sliding glass door of my new kitchen of my new house. Well, new to me. The forty-year old house sat empty

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playing pickleball

My Pickleball Story

Article Written By Jonathan Wang My Mom Told Me So If you ask any weightlifter who enjoys lifting 300+ pound weights 4-6 times a week to willingly partake in any form of

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The pickleball queen

Jon’s Mom’s Pickleball Story

Article Written by Jonathan Wang The Pickleball Queen What does a mom who is an entrepreneur, travels frequently for work, is on international meeting calls 24/7, has been teaching Chinese

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Pickleball and me

Pickleball and Me

Article Written By Zyle Cantago How do you pronounce “Pickleball?” Pickle ball? Pi-ckle ball? Pickleball. The first time I heard the name pickleball, it always struck me as odd. Usually,

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Pick. Call. Ball.

Pick. Call. Ball.

Article Written By Sophia PICK. CALL. BALL. Sleepyhead is a description that best fits me. It is even a huge part of my personality. Despite this, I have never neglected

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Casey's badminton to pickleball story

My Badminton to Pickleball journey

Casey’s story, written by Jonathan   Badminton was my first love Before I discovered the sport of pickleball, badminton was the only activity that had ever been able to truly

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