How Many Calories are Burned Playing Pickleball

Do you want to know how many calories are burned playing Pickleball?  The answer depends on a few factors.

Although pickleball doesn’t require a lot of intense movements, it is quite a tedious sport. You have to consistently be on the move and engage all your core muscles to be able to win a game of pickleball.

While there is no standard measure to how many calories you lose in a standard game of pickleball, it is safe to say that it depends on the intensity of the game.

If you’re playing a rigorous and professional game where your opponent reverts all your shots with trickier shots, you can probably lose between 250-350 calories in a standard 30-minute match.

The number of calories you can burn increases with the duration of the game. So, if you’re playing for an hour, you can lose between 500-700 calories. Of course, the numbers will be less if you’re playing a low-intensity, friendly match that doesn’t involve a lot of movement.

how many calories are burned playing pickleball

Does Pickleball Contribute to Weight Loss?

Pickleball is an excellent sport that has many health benefits. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t enjoy doing the usual exercises like walking, playing a game or two of pickleball can be a
good replacement.

Although the movement level isn’t as explosive as tennis, you’re still moving around quite a bit on the pickleball court. If you’re thinking about losing weight, we recommend pickleball as a sport you can consider trying.

Pickleball is a moderate-intensity game that is ideal for people, young and old alike, who would like to be fitter and get rid of the excess fats from their bodies.

How can you track how many calories are burned playing Pickleball? 

How can we know for certain how many calories are burned playing Pickleball?

We now know that you can lose a certain percentage of calories if you play pickleball. But so far, we’ve only been talking about it in theory.

This is where reliable fitness trackers like Fitbit come in handy. Since there are so many different variants available on the market, we’ll be sharing with you our top 3 picks.

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Fitbit for calories burned

Fitbit can help track your calories burned not only today but every day so you can see your progress over time.  It’s like training with a buddy that will keep you motivated and on your health and wellness journey.

1. Fitbit versa 3

fitbit for calories burned


Fitbit Versa 3 is an excellent smartwatch that can easily record all your fitness activities and how many calories you burn playing Pickleball. You can use it while you run, bike or play pickleball.   Well priced, it is one of the affordable options in the market today.

One of the highlights of this smartwatch is the Active Zone Minutes, which tracks your resting heart rate to check the effectiveness of your exercise. You can also safely bring it with you wherever you go. Currently, the maximum operating altitude of the smartwatch is 28,000 ft.

Additionally, the integrated PurePulse 2.0 feature tracks your heart rate 24×7 and allows you to monitor your cardiovascular health over time. It is also programmed with the SpO2 function that helps you keep track of your oxygen saturation in the blood, especially when you’re in the middle of a rigorous pickleball game.

Aside from providing the basic health metrics, this smartwatch also tracks the number of calories you burned during any tedious exercise or sport. The smartwatch is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you the convenience of easy voice commands.

Moreover, there is a built-in microphone and speaker in the watch that allows you to answer your calls as quickly as possible. You can also listen to audio, music and podcasts using the smartwatch.

Because you get all these neat features at an affordable price, we highly recommend the Fitbit Versa 3.

2. Fitbit charge 5

how many calories are burned playing pickleball


A sleek and premium smartwatch, the Fitbit charge 5 is a more refined option that you can consider.  This smartwatch comes in three different colors and has an affordable price.

The Daily Readiness Score enables you to track your workout routine and check how many calories you burn during any workout or pickleball game. With its active tracking of the calories burned, you can optimize your workouts for the better.

And if you’re focused on post-workout recovery, we’d recommend that you use the Fitbit premium membership. The good thing is that this smartwatch comes pre-programmed with six months of
Premium Fitbit membership.

Besides tracking your calories, this smartwatch also tracks your daily stress management score, heart rate, SpO2, temperature, heart rate variability and other health metrics to help keep yourself in the best shape and health. But keep in mind that smartwatches aren’t intended to replace an accurate medical diagnosis.

Its built-in GPS enables you to keep real-track of your movements and pace in the area and during outdoor activities. Also, this smart watch features a bright and vivid display that is very touch

Choose this Fitbit Charge 5 if you’re looking for a premium smartwatch that is not very expensive.

3. Fitbit Sense Advanced

calories burned playing pickleball

Last but not least is the Fitbit Sense Advanced. It is one of the latest launches from the brand and is the most expensive of the top 3at $222.00. Unlike the previous versions, the design and appearance of this smartwatch are very much similar to your Apple watch.

In terms of functionalities, the smartwatch can track your calories which is perfect when you do sports, including pickleball. It has a built-in EDA Scan app that detects the available electrodermal activity in response to stress and other skin-in temperature. Its sensors are highly sensitive and offer very accurate readings.

If you’re diagnosed with cardiovascular complications, this watch records atrial fibrillation to measure arrhythmias and irregularities in your heartbeat. Also, the Fitbit Sense Advanced on-wrist skin sensor can track your nightly SpO2 levels. Another great feature of this watch is that it operates up to 28,000 feet.

The battery life of this smartwatch is excellent and can last up to 6 days with a single charge. There is a built-in GPS function that enables you to keep track of your location.  This is especially good when you go hiking or engage in outdoor adventures.

Similar to the other versions, this smartwatch is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant too.

With all its advanced features and attractive design, we also recommend the Fitbit Sense Advanced.


So, if you need to know how many calories Pickleball burns it might be important to have access to a fitness tracker like Fitbit.

Not only does it help you track the number of calories you burn during Pickleball, it can also help you monitor your overall health.  Because of all its useful health tracking features, including calories burned, Fitbit is no doubt one of the best smartwatch brands in the market.