Pickleball Bags – Know the Ins and Outs

Pickleball bags are a must have item if you are serious about this great game.  These bags let you keep all your equipment in one place so you can just grab and go.

I do have one tip – take your towel out occasionally and wash it!!  It can get a little stinky if left unattended!

Buy the best quality bag you can afford and make sure it protects your paddle properly.  Your paddle is more prone to getting chipped or damaged in a normal backpack without protection.

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What is a good pickleball bag?

Like any other sport, Pickleball players need a good quality bag to carry their equipment around. From the paddle to the ball, there are a lot of factors that you need to be on the lookout for. A good quality Pickleball bag will not just carry your sports equipment, it also carries other gear and equipment too.

Pickleball bags

When it comes to Pickleball bags, they are available in several designs and styles.  Most of these bags are designed with individual compartments for your paddles and balls to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

This article gives you all the information you need to know about Pickleball bags.

What are the Factors to Look out for when buying Pickleball Bags?

Since pickleball is becoming more and more popular, it isn’t surprising that people are consistently on the lookout for good quality pickleball bags.  How do you know which one to invest in and what factors to look out for?

Well, this section will have a look at those factors.

Consider the quality

One of the most important factors in this buying guide is quality.  You need to consider what your budget is and find a high quality bag that suits your needs in this budget.

Pickleball bags are available in different styles and designs. You have the staple backpack that is carried on both shoulders and then you have the sling and duffel bag. Even in these three design types, you have a multitude of options to choose from.

Duffel bags are likely the most convenient option, however, if you want to travel light, the sling bags are pretty comfortable.  The convenience of duffel bags is that they are a lot more spacious and come with a lot of compartments.  This is good if you use other accessories like wrist bands, grip tape and the like.

However, the choice always comes down to your needs, comfort and convenience

Look for paddle protection

The pickleball paddle is quite expensive and is the most important component of your game.  You need to invest in a bag that will provide optimal protection to the paddle.  It should come with a different compartment to store the paddle while traveling.

The last thing you want is to have paddles chipped around the sides.

Extra pockets

Yes, you heard it right. Even with the basic storage needs for the paddle and other equipment, you need to invest in the bags that come with extra pockets and storage compartments. This will make your life a lot easier and manageable.

Having extra pockets allows you to easily store – and more importantly, find – your keys, water bottle and wrist bands and other pieces of your life that you need!

What are the best Pickleball Bags?

Following are a few recommendations for the best Pickleball bags.

Onix Pickleball bags

onix pickleball bag

If you are particularly looking for a backpack style bag for your pickleball equipment, the Onix pickleball bag is hands down the best option.

Not only is it well priced but it is also one of the best in terms of quality and the overall build.

The backpack is specifically designed to carry your paddles, balls and other equipment and necessities that you’d likely need for a comfortable carrying experience.

The five zippered storage is also really good for small items like your wristbands or other bits and pieces.  The zippers are nylon but the pulls are metal which is good because this is what usually breaks.

The bag is designed with quality material which is extremely durable and waterproof as well.  This is good if you are a little heavy handed with your bags!

Also, the breathable mesh panels on the front and back offer a bit of airflow to the insides which is good on a hot day.  Backpacks can get a little steamy!

The best thing about this bag is that it stands upright and stays standing upright.  Getting at your paddles is easy and you can carry two in the protective compartment.

There is enough room for all your balls and a water bottle in the main compartment and you can keep your towel in another separate compartment.

While you may not be able to fit your whole wallet in the side pockets it does fit your cards and a bit of cash easily.  Also, you will always find your car keys – so long as you remember to put them into the other side pocket.

Getting at shoes at the bottom of the bag can be a little fiddly but this is a small inconvenience for what is one of the best Pickleball bags.

onix pickleball bag

Selkirk pickleball bags

selkirk pickleball bag

Selkirk is another popular brand that is good quality if you are on a tighter budget.  This particular backpack style option comes with extra padding and a comfortable carry handle that is reinforced with hard plastic for durability.

It is made with high-quality poly fiber material which is waterproof and extremely durable. The adjustable strap system in the bag is padded to add to the comfort.

Despite how small the backpack looks, the inside comes with a lot of storage and organization pockets that allow you to store your Pickleball paddles securely.  It also comes with mesh compartments on either side for your water bottle or wristbands.  There are a couple of other small zippered compartments where you can put your car keys or cards and cash in.

There is a breathable area to put your shoes in but this is a little fiddly for larger shoe sizes.

The bag is durable and spacious enough to carry up to 6 paddles, which is impressive.

You will be able to fit all your equipment in this bag and it is a good Pickleball bag at an affordable price.

selkirk pickleball bag

Vulcan pickleball bags

vulcan pickleball bag

Third on the list is the Vulcan pickleball bag. This is one of the more expensive options but is good quality.

The good thing about this backpack is that it features a high-quality nylon construction with lots of zippered compartments on the outside.  You can keep your wallet, keys, wristbands, socks and other bits and pieces organized and easily accessible.  It also has a cooler section for your water bottle.

The backpack design has a dedicated paddle compartment that allows you to stack away two paddles easily and securely.

There is plenty of room in the main compartment for all your equipment but like most bags with a dedicated shoe area – this is a bit fiddly if you have been blessed with a larger shoe size!

This bag is light, roomy and keeps everything secure and easily accessible.

A really nice bag.

vulcan pickleball bag

Head Pickleball bags

head pickleball bag

The Head Pickleball bag has a big, versatile design with two comfortable backpack straps.

There is protective storage for two Pickleball paddles but you should be able to fit 5 in total with covers on in the main compartment.  A bag of balls should also fit along with a towel.

You should be able to fit your shoes – all sizes – into the shoe compartment and this is ventilated which is good on those warm days!

The zipper opens the bag right up making it easy to put (shove??) things in.  There are a couple of zippered smaller compartments for keeping your wallet or wristbands in but the padded area that is for your sunglasses is a really good idea.

Strong stitching with durable, quality material means you should get plenty of use out of this bag.

It comes with a fence hook which means you should be able to hang it on a fence rather than leaving it on the ground.  This is not a good idea if your bag is full and heavy.

A good bag from a well known brand.

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Final word about Pickleball bags…

Have been looking to buy a good-quality pickleball bag for your equipment?  We’d recommend that you look at the options mentioned above.

Ensure that you focus on the quality, build and overall construction of the bag and get the best pickleball bag you can afford.  Remember, if you are serious about the game you will be using this bag a lot to transport all your equipment.  It may be left out in the weather and thrown into the back of your car.

I would love to hear your comments about the best Pickleball bags.