Pickleball Gift Ideas – Top Choices for Men and Women Pickleball Players

Are you looking for Pickleball Gift Ideas for family or friends?

Coming up with a Pickleball gift idea can be a challenge at times.  What do you get someone that really likes Pickleball but already has a paddle and balls?

We’ve come up with some ideas to help you give the perfect Pickleball gift to that perfect person!

Pickleball is a fun, interactive and not to mention, extremely rewarding, game that is loved by all the family.  Part of the enjoyment of Pickleball is being able to play at different levels and with different age groups.  It is a community sport that is very social.  Often people like to give gifts in these social situations for birthdays or holiday seasons.

You can give something practical or just a fun piece to say I’m thinking of you.

So, if you are a pickleball player yourself or you know someone who is into the game, there are amazing gifting options you can surprise them with.

However, we understand that with so many available options, picking just one can be a hard task.

pickleball gift ideas


This article will walk you through the best pickleball gift ideas that you can surprise the enthusiasts with.  We have divided them into gifts that everyone can use and then gifts for her and gifts for him.

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Gifts for Pickleball Players

Pickleball Machine 

pickleball machines


Irrespective of if you are giving it to a male or female player, the Pickleball machine is a great gift idea for pickleball players. Every player needs a good quality ball machine to support their practice and allow them to improve and better their skills.

This is a big purchase but is really one of the most practical gifts.

Having a Lobster pickleball machine to practice with will give them years of fun and help them get to the next level very quickly.

We have gone into a lot of detail about the available machines on our Best Pickleball Practice Machines to look into page.  Please click on the link to find out which model is right for you.

Pickleball Retriever

pickleball retriever

This Pickleball Retriever will probably be the best gadget or gift you’ll ever buy!

The little ‘suction cap’ fits snuggly over the end of your paddle and when you want to pick up the ball you turn your paddle upside down and push it onto the ball and Hey Presto! the ball stays on the end of your paddle!  All you have to do is turn your paddle the right way up and pull off the ball.

Such a handy gadget.  No more bending to pick up the ball.  Now that might sound lazy but after a few games of Pickleball, you will probably need all the lazy you can get!

It does come in a pack of two if you want to give yourself a little gift too!

Check out the price on Amazon


Kollectaball Ball Collector

Pickleball ball collector

Another great gift for pickleball players is a ball collector.

Similar to the Pickleball Retriever but on a grander scale, the ball collector lets you pick up balls without having to bend down.  This is a great accompaniment to a Pickleball machine or if you are doing lots of drills.

These Pickleballball ball collectors come in mini, medium and large sizes.  Generally, the medium size, which holds around 40 balls is enough.

pickleball ball collector


Pickleball Gifts for Her

This list gives you some ideas for the top pickleball gifts for her.  We feature an array of clothes and equipment that many females will love.

Most women really enjoy wearing or using clothes or equipment that has been given to them by someone.  I know I do!

However, it can sometimes be tricky getting the sizing right without asking or worse…assuming the correct size.  While no one wants to wear clothes that are so big they look like a potato sack, you also don’t want clothes that are too tight.  This is particularly true when you are playing Pickleball.  Shirts that just fit when you first put them on can be really irritating once you start playing and (dare I say it) sweating.  They tend to stick in all the wrong places.  Same with skirts or skorts.

If possible, check out the size tag on other items of clothing or ask someone that knows them, to make sure you get the right size.  Hats, bags, paddles and jewelry tend to be universal so you should be good with the size.

Let’s dive into it and give you some ideas to please every women…

Please note that we earn an affiliate commission through PickleballCentral.com and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you, if you click through and purchase from our website. 

Pickleball Shirts

pickleball shirts

One of the most important parts of pickleball gear is the shirt.

Having a breezy and flowy jersey or shirt makes the game a comfortable one. Ideally, you want to gift a pickleball shirt that has some Pickleball mentioned properties!  There is a big variety of different sayings on t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts at PickleballCentral.

The UV performance shirts are also a good option. The long sleeves protect you from the sun and are very comfortable on the skin too.

Find the perfect shirt by clicking on the red button.

pickleball shirts

Pickleball Skirts 

Pickleball skirt

Next on the list of gift ideas are the Pickleball skirts or skorts.  (A skort is like a skirt but with shorts sewn into the garment and a skirt flap over the top.)

There are several styles to choose from.  However, like the shirt, you are looking for a skirt that is comfortable and lightweight. You don’t want them to stick to your skin but instead have a flowy touch to it, so players are comfortable while moving around.

There is a colourful range at PickleballCentral to check out.

pickleball skirts


Pickleball Hats

pickleball hats

Pickleball is an outdoor sport, which means that your favorite female player is going to be in the sun for much of the day. So, a pickleball hat is a must to protect them from the sun and UV rays. Buying a good quality hat is a great gift idea for female pickleball players.  Try and go for a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric and make sure you can throw it in the washing machine.

You can also get some pickleball hats with a sun protection flap at the back to stop your neck from getting burnt.

Having a fun Pickleball saying on the hat is also a must.  Just Dink It or I Have a Dinking Problem are fun sayings and conversation starters.
Which one will you buy?

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Pickleball Visors

pickleball visors

Sometimes Pickleball visors are a better choice than a hat for a variety of reasons.

Mainly, hat hair.  Now some may say, hat hair…I don’t care but others will say…I hear you sister!  Most women understand that playing a fun sport like pickleball will mess up your hair to a certain extent.  Wearing a visor gives some respite from hat hair while also shading your face from the sun.

A pickleball visor is also good as they usually have a sweatband built-in.  Rather than just wearing a head band – which generally looks better on men – a visor gives that protection while also giving sun protection.  Now that’s a win-win!

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Pickleball Bath Bombs

pickleball bath bombs

Who’d have thought that Pickleball balls were the perfect size to make into a bath bomb!

This is such a great Pickleball gift idea to add to your long hot soak at the end of a tournament.  Who doesn’t love a fizzy, scented soaking??

Animal cruelty free and lots of fun.  Your favorite lady will love this fun gift.

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Pickleball Necklace

pickleball necklace

This pretty Pickleball necklace is a lovely pendant to jazz up your court outfit.

Sterling silver and cubic zircons on a sterling silver chain.  Pretty, feminine and a nod to the game.

A great gift idea for her.

Check out the price on Amazon


Pickleball Bags

pickleball bags

A good quality Pickleball bag is one of the best Pickleball gift for her.

They usually have lots of compartments to hold all your pickleball gear – like paddles, balls, grips, water bottle, tissues, wallet, keys, hats, hair ties and the list goes on. So, having access to a versatile, sleek and multifunctional carry bag is important.  If you are considering gifting a Pickleball bag to her, we’d recommend that you opt for a spacious one with a lot of pockets.

There are 2 different styles of Pickleball bags to choose from – the duffel bag  or the sling or backpack variety.  Both links take you to PickleballCentral.com.

Find out more about the Pickleball bags we recommend and why in our detailed article – Pickleball Bags – Know the Ins and Outs

Pickleball Paddle

There’s no pickleball without the Pickleball paddle!  If you are considering buying a gift for a female pickleball player, get them a good-quality pickleball paddle. There are several choices, ranging from as low as $20 to as high as $200 and more. The kind of paddle you get completely depends on your budget and the occasion you are getting the gift for.

We go into detail in our article about the Best Pickleball paddle for women – all you need to know.  This article goes through weight, grip size, shape of the paddle and gives our top 6 recommendations for women.  These recommended paddles mostly have different size grips – the smaller sizes fitting a more petite female frame.


Pickleball Balls

pickleball balls

Another quintessential Pickleball gift for her is the ball.

Pickleball balls are different from tennis balls and quite lightweight. They have holes on them that prevent them from getting deflected by the wind. Also, when buying pickleball balls, you want to opt for the USAPA certified ones so she gets to practice with good-quality and correct dimension balls.

The Dura Fast 40 Pickleball by Onix is our recommendation because it is fast, responsive and flys straight…and the Official ball of the APP and PPA – so it’s the complete package!  These will allow the lady in your life to experiment with drills and improve their skills on the court in no time.



Pickleball Gifts for Him

This list will highlight the best pickleball gifts for him.  Let us take a look.

Mens Pickleball Shirts

mens pickleball shirts


On top of the list, we have men’s pickleball shirts. You want to opt for flowy and comfortable shirts. These shirts come in a variety of materials, styles and sizes.  They are bright and colorful and are especially good because they are lightweight and very comfortable to play around in.

Check out PickleballCentral for a huge variety of different styles, funny sayings and colors


mens sweat pants

When buying sweats for male pickleball players, avoid buying the body constricting styles. Those make it difficult for him to move around the court comfortably, leading to discomfort and missed shots. Buy full-length sweats that they can pull on over their shorts to warm up in..

The CENFOR Men’s Sweatpants is a good choice. The polyester material with adjustable drawstring closure makes it ideal for every body type without any discomfort. Also, the deep pockets allow the players to carry around multiple items with comfort.  Also, the open bottom lets you take them off without taking off your shoes…unless you have really big feet!

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Moving on to the next option, we have the hats. Again, when it comes to gifting hats to pickleball players, you want to prioritize the comfort and the adjustability of the item. If the fabric is too thick, it will overheat their head and make it uncomfortable for them move around on the court with ease. Always opt for hats with moisture-wicking properties and breathable meshed fabric.

The NVJUI JUFOPL Men’s Pickleball Baseball Cap is an amazing choice. It is made with 100% cotton fabric and comes in a slate gray color that looks stunning. The adjustable closure with a built-in sweatband wicks any accumulated moisture.

Pickleball Mug


A man’s gotta drink…and these Pickleball mugs are a fun gift idea for the man in your life.

Made from stainless steel they are a great traveling mug that will keep drinks hot or cold.  BPA free with a snap on sip lid.

These are a very functional but fun pickleball gift for him.

Check out the price at Amazon

Pickleball bags as gifts for him

pickleball bag

Every sport requires a good carry-on bag with multiple pockets to ensure easy carrying of all the types of equipment in one place. This is mandatory, especially when it comes to ensuring that a single bag can easily carry all the necessary items, including the paddles, gear and even the small pickleball balls. We’d highly recommend that you keep a check on getting a weatherproof material bag as a gifting option.

The Pickleball Fanatic Duffel Bag is a good choice. It is available in three different color variants with specialized pockets and even a bottle holder inside. It is one of the few pickleball bags that have a separate pocket just for storing the shoes away.

Pickleball Paddle

Moving ahead to the next choice, we have the pickleball paddle. When opting for a good gifting option for a male pickleball player, there’s no way you can miss out on this one. A good pickleball paddle can make a lot of difference, especially when it comes to the playing experience of the player. We’d recommend that you focus on getting a USAPA credited pickleball paddle that will allow the player to use it in national tournaments.

Check out our detailed article on the best Pickleball paddle

Pickleball Balls

Last on the list, we have the pickleball balls. It is another quintessential requirement and gifting choice for every male pickleball player. Ideally, if you are gifting them a paddle, getting them a bag of pickleball balls is a must. This completes the set and makes for a great gift choice that the players can practice with.

The Dura Fast 40 Pickleball by Onix are a very popular choice.  They come with 40 holes and a whole lot of umph!


If you are looking for Pickleball gift ideas for family and friends it’s important to remember it is the thought that counts.

Gifting options for male and female pickleball players are not as complicated as you think. From the paddle to basic gear, the choices are quite diverse and endless.

When buying paddles and balls, think about how often they practice and play.  And for the person that has everything – go practical such as a new handle grip because they always come in handy!