Pickleball Net – Know the Ins and Outs

Find out all you need to know about a Pickleball Net.

Like any other court game, knowing the rules and regulations about the Pickleball net is important .

The net divides the two halves of the court and comes with its own unique set of rules…

  • If the ball hits the net on a serve the point is lost.  The exception to this is if the ball continues into the service area of your opponent.
  • A Pickleball net is 36 inches high at the posts and 34 inches high in the middle.
  • Nets can be permanent or portable and with wheels.
  • Only jump a net to shake your opponent’s hand if you know you can make it!

This article should guide you through all you need to know about a Pickleball net.

What are the dimensions of a Pickleball Net?

In pickleball, the court measures 44 feet in length and 20 feet in width.  This dimension is inclusive of the lines and the kitchen area in the court.

The pickleball net is 36 inches in height around the side posts and 34 inches in the middle.

These are the official dimensions given by USAPA.

Some factors to consider…


When it comes to a pickleball net, they are typically available in two different variants. You have your permanent fixed option and then you have a portable Pickleball net or a net on wheels.

If you are just starting with the game, we’d recommend that you pick the portable net so you can practice anywhere there is a smooth surface.  The portable nets are great for traveling on vacation.

Materials and stability

The material of the net, along with the sturdiness is an important factor to look out for.

Most Pickleball nets are made with nylon and polyethylene.  These can be made into the finer mesh.

If you want a more durable option, the nylon ones are superior.  Typically, they are weatherproof, which means they last a bit longer and you don’t have to always take them down.

There is also a PVC option that you can look into.

Ease of installation

Next on the list of factors to look for is the ease of assembling and disassembling the net.  Pickleball is not yet available across every state or city, so you might not  have the right kind of courts and the setup available.  Having a portable pickleball net is the ideal way to go.

Typically, we’d recommend starting with a lightweight and portable option as they are ideal for beginners.  Some of them are even designed with Velcro straps that allow easier adjusting.


Next is stability. The typical volley moves from one side of the court to the other.  Since the ball can charge at 30-40 kph, you want to have a net that will stay stable even when the ball hits it.

Look out for a wider base and high quality frame.   This helps stabilize the net.

Also, a center support pole helps keep the net at the right height.


There are pickleball nets that are designed for different functions.

Some of them are designed for outdoor usage while the others work great indoors.

Metal poles should be powder coated and rust resistant to protect them from wet weather



What is the best Pickleball Net?

Now that we have sorted out some of the best buying features, here are two of the best pickleball net for you to look into…

Picklenet Portable Pickleball net


This Pickleball net is priced under $200 and is hands down one of the best options that you can look into. It is regulation size and height so, if you are looking for an approved product for professional tournaments, this is your best bet.

The quick and easy assembling of this net is also another benefit. It is also designed with oval tubing and has a wide base for stability.

Check out the price at PickleballCentral

Swiftnet pickleball 

swiftnet pickleball

Another popular pickleball net worth considering is the Swiftnet pickleball. This one is a precision portable net system with a unique supportive brace and locking system.

It is an expensive net system but will last forever which makes it great value.

Very quick and easy to assemble and take down.

It has a very lightweight but incredibly strong frame that is made with aluminum and an aerospace-grade carbon fiber boom for the net.  This means it won’t warp or bend when run into or trodden on.  The top of the net stays taut and tight with no center post.

The Swiftnet Pickleball is fabulous net that won’t sag, is high quality, easy to assemble and worth every penny.

Check out the price at PickleballCentral



Having a long lasting, durable Pickleball net is a must if you are going to continue playing this fun game.

Picklenet and Swiftnet are 2 excellent brand Pickleball nets that are good quality and great value.  You can confidently pick whichever suits your budget.