Pickleball Nets on Wheels – Everything you Need to Know

Are you looking for Pickleball nets on wheels?

This portable Pickleball net is really handy to have if you are converting a tennis court to play Pickleball.

The game of Pickleball is really gaining popularity.  However, the building of court facilities isn’t keeping up with the popularity and this means that you won’t always have access to the right dimension courts in the professional centers.

That shouldn’t mean you are not able to play the game at all.  That isn’t the case.  All you need are one of these portable Pickleball net system.

pickleball net on wheels

So, if you are practicing pickleball and don’t have access to a proper court, you can make the most of it with by carrying Pickleball nets on wheels in your car.

However, finding a good quality portable Pickleball net system can be an issue.

If you have been looking into Pickleball nets on wheels and you are confused about what to buy and what to invest in, this article should give you all the insights.



Benefits of Pickleball Nets on Wheels

Before you get confused, Pickleball nets on wheels are a standard Pickleball net but the end posts are mounted on wheels for easy movement.  The wheels won’t hamper your gaming experience and generally don’t get in the way of your movements at all.

Standard Pickleball nets are 22′ long.  This covers the 12″ from each sideline and 20′ net width.

The nets also need to be 36″ high at the sideline and 34″ in the center.

Here are some of the benefits of Pickleball nets on wheels that you should know about:


The first and one of the most important benefits of this net is convenience. It allows you to have a net anytime you plan to whip up a game of pickleball. In case you are considering playing, we’d highly recommend that you pack it up and keep it handy in your car boot.  Thanks to the space-saving design of this product there will still be lots of room left for all your other things.


There are thousands of Pickleball enthusiasts across the country. If you are one of them, chances are that you’d want to have a portable setup with you when on the go. Be it for your camping expeditions or for your backyard where you want to practice, having access to your pickleball net on wheels makes the process seamless and easier to manage.

So, the accessibility factor of this product is worth investing in.


Despite what you might think, Pickleball nets on wheels are quite lightweight.  This means you can keep them stacked away and then easily pull them out when you are good to go.

The reason they are lightweight is that they are designed to be portable and used on the move.

The whole net system comes in a heavy duty duffle bag.  It has dividers to store all the pieces of the net.

What factors to look for when buying Pickleball Nets on Wheels?

Now that you know a bit about the benefits, here’s a quick rundown of the important factors to consider before buying a net.

  • Buy the ones that are made with high-quality and rust-resistant poles.  The poles can be made of metal, alloy or carbon fiber.  Try and avoid the cheap aluminum poles as they just won’t last as long.  Metal poles should be powder coated to protect them from the weather.
  • Make sure you buy a net that is designed with a center pole that comes with 34” distance from the ground.  Keeping the center of the net at 34″ without a pole is difficult and creates a long of tension on the top cable.  A strong, flat bottomed pole should add stability to the top band.
  • Solid base struts for the wheels and the net are important factors to consider. These take all the strain of the net and need to be durable.  Heavier, metal bases are generally a better construction but the new carbon fiber nets are worth looking at but are more expensive.



Best Pickleball Nets on Wheels

With the benefits and buying guide out of the way, the next factor worth considering is the best available products. Typically, you want to look for the best quality your budget can afford.

Following are some of our favorite picks…

Picklenet Deluxe Portable Net System

picklenet deluxe

pickleball net on wheels

This is one of the most popular Pickleball nets on wheels and our top pick is the Picklenet Deluxe.

The net is the standard 22′ length with 36″ height ends and has locking wheels on the bottom of the feet.  You tighten the net with a buckle system.  It comes with a rectangular strap for the center support to keep it at 34 inches.

It’s a solid construction but weighs 63 pounds.  This could present a problem getting it in and out of your car.  It does have wheels on the bag which makes it easy to get to the court.

The whole net system comes in a heavy duty duffle bag.  There are different compartments for all the pieces.

This Picklenet Deluxe is a really good value Pickleball net on wheels and is a good choice if you need to move locations often.

It’s heavy duty and portable at an affordable price.

Franklin Pickleball Portable Net System on Wheels

pickleball nets on wheels


portable net on wheels


The Franklin portable net system is a moderately priced net with frame mounted wheels.

It is the standard length of 22′ with 36 inch high ends and rides on lockable casters.  Lock the wheels during your game and then unlock and wheel the net away when you’ve finished.

The steel poles and the stability crossbar can be connected quickly and easily.  You tension the net with a strap and it can all be set up by one person.

It weighs only 29 pounds.   This is light enough for most people to get it in and out of their car easily.

It is the cheapest net on wheels on the market but still does the job properly.  It is easy to set up, break down and carry.

If you are a part time Pickleball player or want to change a tennis court into a Pickleball game quickly and easily – this is a good choice.


Douglas Pickleball Nets – Portable Net System

douglas pickleball nets

douglas pickleball net


This Douglas Pickleball net is a bad ass net that can’t be beat!

It is a portable net on wheels but it performs like a permanent tournament class net.

This is a heavy duty, sturdy, well made net system that is suited to players who want the flexibility of moving nets when needed but want to play a serious game.

The tensioning system ensures the ball tips of the top strap – just like on a permanent net.

The side poles have stabilizer legs to improve safety and whilst it is recommended to store the net when not used for extended periods, it is weather treated for durability.

As expected for a net system of this quality, at 215 pounds it is very heavy and not one you would port frequently but the assembly bag comes with wheels.

A premier net system but probably more suited to sports centers and community areas that can justify the cost and use.



Pickleball nets on wheels are a great way to be able to play Pickleball on a tennis court or similar without the expense or hassle of drilling and pouring concrete to keep the net in place.

They are easy to set up and pull down and this means you can play Pickleball anywhere – just bring a paddle and ball!