Pickleball Rules

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There are Pickleball rules for doubles, singles, non volley zone and serving.  Rules, rules, rules!

Some are quirky and some are common sense.

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Pickleball singles rules

Pickleball singles rules.

Click here to find out how to play Pickleball with just one other player.  All you need to know about service and scoring for singles.


Pickleball doubles rules

Pickleball doubles rules.

Click here to find out more about Pickleball doubles rules and double your fun!



skinny singles pickleball

Pickleball skinny singles rules.

Find out more about Pickleball skinny singles rules by clicking here.



pickleball serving rules

Pickleball serving rules.

What are the Pickleball serving rules?  Find out more by clicking here.



pickleball kitchen rules

Pickleball kitchen rules.

The Pickleball kitchen rules – also know as the non volley zone – are explained in detail by clicking here.



pickleball for kids

Pickleball for kids.

Click here for Pickleball for kids and beginner guide.