Pickleball Shoes for Women – Our Top 4 Picks

Are you looking for Pickleball shoes for women?

Who doesn’t love a great looking pair of shoes!?

Now, while you can’t wear your Manolo Blahnik’s or Christian Louboutin’s on a Pickleball court, you can still look good and hit a winner in Pickleball shoes.

With pickleball, you can choose from a versatile pair of sports shoes that you can use elsewhere too.  As long as they are comfortable and suitable for the court, you’re good to go.

Some things to look for when buying Pickleball shoes for women are…

  • Comfort – you will be running around the court for about an hour.  Make sure the shoe fits properly and has some sort of moisture wicking capability.
  • Stability – the shoe needs to have good support for your arch and a high density rubber sole to absorb shock.  This is important as Pickleball can be a stop/start game when it comes to running for a shot.  This can create ankle and knee problems if you don’t have stability and cushioning in your shoes.
  • Traction – further to the stop/start motion of the game.  You tend to take off quickly, sometimes from a standing position and stop quickly to get back into position for the next shot.   The soles of your shoes need traction to avoid slipping.  Some black sole sports shoes will leave marks on the floor.  This isn’t so bad on an outdoor court but if you also play indoor Pickleball make sure the soles are non-marking.

This article will highlight some of the best pickleball shoes for women for you to consider.

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1. K-Swiss Pickleball shoes Womens – express light

K-Swiss Pickleball shoes womens


pickleball shoes for women


The very first brand of shoe that we have to highlight is K-Swiss.  Although the brand has been around for many years it is still churning out quality products. If you are looking for a reliable brand for your womens Pickleball court shoes, the K-Swiss Express Light is a good bet.

It is available in five different color variants that you can choose from.  One of the best things about this shoe is how lightweight it is.  The advertising says you will “feel like you’re flying across the courts”.    You maybe can’t fly but they are light on your feet!

The shoes are made with 100% synthetic material, which ensures that they are waterproof and very flexible.  The sole is made with high density rubber, which helps with shock absorption and contributes to the durability of the shoes.

The special formula EVA material of these shoes offers maximized cushioning on the inside and creates a stable platform.   There is also a sock liner inside the shoes with moisture-wicking properties that keeps your feet cool after prolonged hours of playing.

The heel grip in the shoes is made with interlocking fibers that ensure durability and grips onto your socks better so they don’t slip while playing.

A good all round shoe for Pickleball.

2. Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Womens


womens pickleball shoes


pickleball shoes

The Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 for Women is another popular women’s pickleball shoe to consider buying.  They are a slightly more expensive option but given how detailed and well-designed they are, represent good value for money.

They are available in three color variants and feature a rubber sole that offers improved flexibility and comfort while you are prancing across the court. This is one of the few shoes that are designed with the 4D support chassis that reduces risks of twists and injuries to the ankle or foot.

The shoes are also designed with the exclusive Sensifeel 2.0 technology that ensures engineered mesh lining in the insides of the shoes for maximum breathability. This also prevents the risks of sweaty and slippery feet that many often complain about.

An elongated medial side and heel in these shoes offer further support and better cushioning when you are playing continuously throughout the day, like in a tournament.

A nice looking shoe that is good value for money.

3. Babolat Propulse Fury Womens Pickleball Court Shoes

womens pickleball court shoes


babolat pickleball shoes


The Babolat Propulse Womens Pickleball court shoes are a leading and popular shoe option for women pickleball players.  You get a strongly constructed shoe that stands up to the most demanding games.

The good thing about this shoe is the cushioning and the comfort it offers.  They are lightweight and feature Michelin rubber outsoles.  This shoes the quality of the materials used.

The shoes are designed with great precision and are designed to last.  You get shoes that are designed for better stability and comfort, which is important if you are playing professional tournaments and have to prance around on the court for prolonged periods.

The insides of the shoe has a breathable mesh lining with moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet drier for longer.

A really good shoe that is comfortable to wear and will last more than one season.


4. Head Sprint Pro 3.0 Womens

best womens pickleball shoes

womens pickleball shoes

Although the Head Sprint Pro 3.0 Womens come with a higher price point, the shoes are hands down one of the best in the market. They are designed for prolonged usage, not to mention that they are specifically designed for professional players.

The shoe is available in one color but the gray tint is very wearable. The sole is non marking and made with rubber with a lightweight and textured design that contributes to optimal comfort.

The shoes also feature a unique high abrasion-resistant SuperFabric vamp material on the upper part that contributes to enhanced durability and allow you to wear them for longer periods without having to worry about breaks, cracks and tear.

The heel offers a strong grip with control and stability.  The midsole of these shoes features better and additional grip so people don’t slip due to excess sweating.

The outsole of this shoe is made with a durable hybrid rubber that offers a textured grip, especially when it comes to moving around. The shoe also has special durability zones that hold on tightly to the ground so you don’t twist your ankle or hurt yourself badly while the game is on.

Head have such a good name in sports shoes and this is no exception.  A really good shoe but it is a narrower fitting.



This article gives you all the insights it you are looking for high-quality and durable pickleball shoes for women.

We have shared our top 4 picks, all of which are of the best quality and offer optimal comfort and stability to players who wear them for prolonged periods while they are battling out in tournaments.