Steps to Make Your Portable Pickleball Court

How to make a Portable Pickleball Court

If you love to play Pickleball and stay in a rented house you can make your own portable Pickleball court.

This article explains how you can make your portable Pickleball court.

Things you need to draw lines while making your Pickleball court

The primary two things to make a portable pickable court are…


Jumbo sidewalk chalks can be used to draw the lines initially.  They last for a while and should not get rubbed when stepped on. These chalks are ideal for the set out of a pickleball court as they are not permanent.  Chalk marks would fade but won’t get washed unless it rains.


Tape creates a more permanent option compared to chalk and it will let you play for a while without having to remark the lines.  If you are using tape, you would need about 200 feet for making the lines of the entire court.

Portable Pickleball Court

Steps to make a portable Pickleball court

There are few steps to draw the lines for your pickleball court…

Step 1. Set up the net with poles

Set up the net first as the net will serve as a point of reference for the rest of the court.

Step 2. Sideline

Draw the sidelines about one foot in from the side of the net.  For this, you have to measure your sidelines of 22′ and baseline of 20′ each side, with a tape measure.   If you have three measuring tapes, lay all of them together at once and make all the edges at the same time.

Step 3. Non volley zone or kitchen

Use the tape measurement as a guide, mark the sidelines with tape or chalk and measure  7′  from your net on each side.  This specifies the non volley zone.

Step 4. Baselines

Like the above step, again use the tape measurement as a guide and mark the baselines with tape or chalk and measure 10′ from the corner.

Step 5. Service Areas

Lay the tape and measure the two 10′ marks that have been made on the baseline as well as no volley line and draw the service area which is dividing the two sides of the court.  This makes a T shape.

Step 7. Other side

Repeat the above same procedure from step 2.

Portable Pickleball nets

You can buy portable Pickleball nets that fold up easily into a carry bag.  These are usually all weather nets and are a good, cheap option to add to your court.

My family used to use the back of 2 chairs with a string pulled tight across between them!  This worked well when we were little and couldn’t hit the pickleball over the net – so it just went under the string and play kept going.

We now play on a proper court!

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