Review of Pickle and Chill Columbus Ohio

Review experience written by Jonathan Wang

I was blown away by the Pickle and Chill concept

If you’re a sports enthusiast and love good food and drinks, then you don’t want to miss out on Pickle & Chill located in Columbus, Ohio. This innovative bar and pickleball venue has been making waves in the pickleball community, and even I was blown away by the concept from the moment I stepped inside.

Also, as a self-proclaimed foodie, I was excited to use pickleball as an excuse to indulge in the delicious food they had to offer. And the facilities at Pickle & Chill did not disappoint, with multiple courts and all the necessary equipment provided. It was the perfect combination of sports, food, and fun.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my firsthand experience at Pickle & Chill and all the reasons why it’s quickly becoming my new favorite spot. Whether you’re an avid pickleball player or just looking for a fun, social activity, Pickle & Chill has something for everyone.

The Pickleball Courts

As a first-time visitor to Pickle & Chill, I was excited to explore this unique sports and entertainment venue. When I walked into the courts, I was immediately struck by the warehouse’s laid-back atmosphere and graffiti-covered walls. It had a cool, urban vibe that I really enjoyed.

The courts themselves were top-notch, with six indoor courts that were professionally built to pickleball tournament standards. They were spaced a comfortable distance apart, and the vaulted ceilings added to the sense of spaciousness. It reminded me of playing sports in my middle school gym, but with all the modern pickleball amenities you could want.

In addition to the courts, there were chairs and tables scattered along the sides for rest, as well as seating along the walls to watch tournaments and pro-level games. There were also observatory decks at one end of the warehouse for a bird’s-eye view.

I was also excited to hear that Pickle & Chill would be opening five outdoor courts in the spring of 2023.

Overall, the Pickle & Chill facility was truly impressive.

The Food & Bar

When I walked into Pickle & Chill’s current bar setup, located on the lower floor of the facility, I was immediately struck by the retro coffee-shop style atmosphere. There were small tables and a few fridges stocked with all kinds of alcoholic beverages. While the bar area was still a work in progress, it was clear that it had all the potential to eventually become a proper bar and food service area.

For now, the main attraction at Pickle & Chill is the pickleball courts. But once the bar is completed, I have no doubt that it will become a popular spot for people looking to grab a cold drink after a game or just hang out and socialize while family and friends are out on the court playing.

Ready to Play Pickleball?

At Pickle & Chill, pickleball enthusiasts will find plenty of dedicated space to enjoy the game. With a total of 11 courts, there’s room for everyone to get in on the action. However, during peak hours, the courts can get quite crowded, and you may have to wait your turn to play.

Fortunately, Pickle & Chill has thought of everything and has plenty of options to ensure that you get the play time you want. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor courts, or want to play during off-peak hours, there’s always a way to get in a game. Some options include:

  • Learn to Play Clinics, which are free for all.
  • Joining leagues that match your DUPR rating.
  • Reserving courts for up to 12 consecutive weeks (great for consistent playing).
  • Participating in round robins during open play (a great option if you want to play with all types of different people).
  • Open play.
  • Tournaments.

There’s an option for anyone at any level, any age. During my visit, I was able to join in on a few round robin games and also observe a beginner lesson going on on the next court over.

My Turn to Play

As someone who has mostly only played pickleball in local parks and on makeshift courts in community gymnasiums, stepping onto a professional pickleball court for the first time was a strange yet satisfying feeling. When I walked onto the court at Pickle & Chill, I was immediately struck by the sounds of people shuffling around their courts, cheering spectators, and the constant ping of the ball, all echoing through the spacious warehouse. This was what made the experience so different from playing in a park – the energy and excitement of being part of a larger community of pickleball players.

During my first game at Pickle & Chill, I had the pleasure of playing with a younger couple, both of whom were rated at a 3, and my partner was a bit newer to the sport and had no rating. Despite the fact that the game only lasted about 15 minutes and my opponent and I lost fair and square, it was a fulfilling experience to bond with complete strangers over the sport, cheer each other on, and then grab a drink at the bar afterwards and get to know each other better. In fact, I was even invited to the couple’s Christmas party the following week.

It’s experiences like these that make Pickle & Chill such a special place, and I can’t wait to go back and see what other connections and friendships I’ll make on the pickleball court.

Final thoughts of Pickle and Chill

Overall, my experience at Pickle & Chill was absolutely amazing. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by the friendly staff and immediately impressed by the well-maintained courts and facilities. It was clear that Pickle & Chill is a place where avid pickleball players can come to improve their skills in a positive and uplifting environment.

While it can be a bit pricey to play at Pickle & Chill, I can see why so many people are willing to pay for a membership. If you’re just starting out or prefer a more casual atmosphere, a park is still a great option – and it’s free! But if you want to take your pickleball game to the next level, Pickle & Chill is definitely the place to be.

I’m grateful to live in a place where facilities like Pickle & Chill exist, and I can’t wait to keep improving and playing here in the future. If you’re a pickleball enthusiast and are ever in the Columbus, Ohio area, I highly recommend giving Pickle & Chill a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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