Simon X Pickleball Machine

The Simon X Pickleball machine would have to be the best Pickleball machine ever made.

This article reviews the Simon 2 and Simon X Pickleball machine and shows the value you get with these machines.

Let me point out that if you are shopping for Pickleball machines by just looking at the price, then you will probably click off this page.

Simon Pickleball machines are expensive when compared to other practice machines on the market.

I always say that price is usually an indication of quality.  This is particularly true in this case.

So why do I consider the Simon X the best Pickleball machine around?

Here is a quick review highlighting the best bits of Simon X…

  • Military grade construction
  • Hopper holds 120 balls
  • 10 – 12 hours battery life or plug into electric outlet
  • Lifetime warranty on the throw wheels
  • 3 different size wheels for different angles
  • Over a dozen height adjustment
  • Fastest throw of all Pickleball machines
  • Slowest throw of all Pickleball machines
  • Random throws that keep you guessing
  • Wireless remote up to 100 feet
  • Easily maneuvered and stable with 4 wheels always on the ground

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The Simon X Pickleball machine is built tough.  Featuring heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel, this machine is strong, sturdy and stable.  Weighing in at 65lbs, you will probably need ramps to get it in and out of your car.  The military grade construction is your guarantee that this unit will last you a very long time without any problems.

The hopper is large and can hold up to 120 balls.  There is an option to purchase an extra hopper that will increase the size to 180 balls but 120 balls will last you a very long time.  Also, running around a court with this many balls on the floor can get a little crazy.  You are going to have to pick them up at some stage to give yourself room to move.

You might want to invest in a ball collector to make picking up the balls easy.


pickleball ball collector

Up to 12 hours of battery life.  This Pickleball machine can go all day…and most of the night!  If for some reason you want to practice longer you can always plug it into an outlet and keep playing.  This is so much longer than any other practice machine on the market.

This is a great feature for coaching sessions and boot camps.

A lifetime warranty on the throw wheels.  This is a big plus and where the value of Simon X really starts to show.  The two pitch/throw wheels are what shoots the ball out of the machine.  Remember, this machine can work for 12 hours on a battery.  At a maximum rate of 40 balls shooting out per hour, that can be up to 480 balls shot out every day.  Say you use this practice machine 4 days a week.  That’s around 2000 balls shot out every week.  Let’s multiple that by 40 weeks a year.  Want keep playing Pickleball for the next 10 years??

How’s your math??

You can now see that this machine is starting to be very good value.

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Military Grade with a Lifetime warranty

The throw wheels are military grade and they never wear out.  You get a lifetime warranty on these throw wheels.  You can practice day in and day out knowing Simon will be there shooting balls at you.  How many other household items to you own that have a lifetime warranty on the moving part??  This critical component is guaranteed to last so you will only ever have to buy one machine.  This is why the Simon X is the best Pickleball machine on the market.

Simon X has 3 different size wheels on a triangular rotation.  They look a bit like “stair climbing” wheels on a courier trolley.  There are always 4 wheels on the ground so this makes it very stable.  However, the main reason for the wheels are to change the angle of the shots.  Each wheel is a different size so this gives you a variety of height changes and that changes the angle of the shot.

Speeds range from 5 mph – which is the softest shot of any practice machines, up to 70 mph – which is the fastest of any practice machine.  What this means is you are able to practice dinks and drop shots as well as baseline drives.

Being able to practice a multitude of different shots, at different speeds, with different angles makes this a case of machine replacing man!

Replace your Coach?

Do you get coaching for Pickleball?  How much does that cost you?  I think coaching is very important to learn techniques and strategies and you will progress quickly.

Think about this though…how many times does your coach stand and hit balls to you?

How many times is it a matter of practicing that shot with them until you get it right?

Do they hit you the same shot or random shots for you to practice and improve your reflexes?

What if you could practice when it’s convenient for you?  That’s what owning a Simon X can do for you.

You can practice the shot you want, when you want and how often you want with a Simon X Pickleball machine.

There is also  “Stealth oscillation”.  The other brands practice machines turn towards the way they are shooting the balls.  This means you know the way the ball will come.  When playing a proper game with an opponent this is not always the case.  Simon X does not turn.  The oscillation happens inside the machine so, when chosen, each shot can be in a random direction.  This replicates playing with a real person.  Each shot will test your reflexes.

This is such a great value Pickleball machine when you break down what you get for the price.

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Here is a quick review of what Simon 2 offers…

  • 160 ball capacity hopper
  • 6 hour battery life
  • Wireless remote to 100 feet
  • No jam technology
  • Adjustable ramp for different shots
  • Heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Weighs only 32 lbs
  • Throw wheels have a lifetime warranty

The Simon 2 Pickleball Machine is the smaller version of Simon X but is still a fantastic machine for those on a tighter budget.

The hopper holds 160 balls and doesn’t jam.  There is nothing worse than waiting for a ball to shoot and you have to run around the net to get this happening.  With a 6 hour battery life, you’ll be able to fill the hopper a couple of times before you and the machine retire for the day!

You may want to get a ball collector to pick up all the balls that are now on your side of the court.

The ball speeds range from 10 to 60 mph and can be fed through at 1.5 to 10 second intervals.  This is great if you really want to drill down on a particular shot – like dink or a baseline drive.  Repetition is the key to mastering a shot.

Like Simon X, this practice machine is very sturdy and built with stainless steel and heavy duty aluminum but still only weighs 32 lbs.  It will last a lifetime.  Of course, it also has the military grade 2 pitch/throw wheels which come with a lifetime warranty.

The ball ramp is adjustable so you can practice dinks, volleys and baseline drives.  You can replicate most shots your opponent will hit to you.

You can now see this is a great value practice machine that will last and last.

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Both Simon Pickleball machines are really good value however I think the Simon X is the one to recommend.

The stealth oscillating mechanism is what makes it a winner.

Being able to practice with a machine that replicates another player will definitely give you a huge advantage.  Playing when you want and having the variety of shots will get you to the next level and make you a winner!