What Is Glow in The Dark Pickleball?

Glow in the dark Pickleball??  Really…??

As kids, we grew up loving glow in the dark things. They are fun to play with and now, they are fun to also include in your gaming experience.

However, this is where things get a little confusing.  No one can tell me how the concept of glow in the dark Pickleball started.  But I’m so glad it did!!

Glow in the dark Pickleball is a recent development and allows players to opt for a different experience when it comes to a fun game.

glow in the dark pickleball

What is the significance behind glow in the dark Pickleball?

This is a more fun take on serious Pickleball tournaments.

In this type of Pickleball, you have glowing lines, a sparkling ball and an upbeat music track playing on the court to accentuate the gaming experience.

The players come around wearing their fluoro Pickleball gear, carrying their favorite paddle and comfy shoes to run around.

The game is played in a darkened area so all the glowing “pops”.  That is a fun and unique way to play the game.

When and how did the Glow Pickleball start?

Well, pickleball doesn’t always have to be a professional and uptight sport. It doesn’t always have to be played as a tournament. The glow pickleball is a testament to just that. It allows the players to enjoy the game and have something to tell their friends about!

Besides the standard protocols, the good thing about glow Pickleball is that it helps the players relax.

It is an amazing experience for players.  However, just know that glow in the dark Pickleball is still a work in progress that will take some time to come to gain traction everywhere.


What are the Glow Pickleball essentials?

Since the concept of glow pickleball is so new, it isn’t surprising that many players don’t even understand what they need to make the game a success.

During Glow pickleball, everyone plays in the dark.

However, every element of the game, including the ball, paddle and even the clothes and shoes should be glow in the dark too.

The entire court is marked with fluorescent-colored tapes to outline the perimeter of the court so the players can see this clearly.

Some of the common essentials for the game include:


The first and likely the most important requirement to Glow Pickleball is the backlights.  You can’t play the game without it!

The blacklights are what make the fluorescent components in the game stand out.

Sometimes you may need to put the glowing objects close to a strong light to ensure that they have a strong fluorescence about them.

Glowing outfits

Yes, you heard it right. The players need to be dressed in glowing/fluorescent outfits. That’s just a basic requirement because how else will the players spot each other in a dark room?

The glow Pickleball gear is readily available in the market.  Players wear either white or neon-coloured outfits.  It is completely on the player as to which one they want for themselves.

Brighter neon color is a typical choice among most players.

Other glowing equipment

Besides the court, the clothes and the blacklight, the players also need to have a similar glow in their equipment.

This includes the paddle and the ball.   Again, they are quite readily available.  So, if you are interested, you can go ahead and buy them without much hassle.

When talking about equipment, the net, poles and the surrounding fencing etc. should also be glow in the dark to ensure that they are visible while you are playing them in a completely dark room with no light source at all.  You may need to use a special tape for these.


How to Play Glow in the Dark Pickleball?

Besides the setup, there is no difference to the glow in the dark Pickleball.

It is easy to maintain and the rules and regulations are pretty much what you’d follow in a standard game of pickleball.

When setting up, make sure you invest in good quality blacklights because that is what makes all the difference. Also, amp up the music because that adds fuel to the party.

Some players even invest in wristbands for further accessorizing.


Being able to enjoy this game in the dark is so much fun and a whole new kind of experience that you just can’t miss out on.

See if your local Pickleball center holds Glow in the Dark Pickleball nights.